IBM is a Leader in the Forrester New Wave™

Conversational Computing Platforms, Q2 2018

“IBM’s offering is comprehensive and developer friendly. IBM Watson Assistant (formerly Watson Conversation) marries a technically robust conversational platform with developer-friendly tools and the breadth of the broader Watson portfolio. Coupled with strong developer tools, it enables creation of a wide range of solutions.”

Source: Forrester Research Inc. The Forrester New Wave™: Conversational Computing Platforms, Q2 2018, by Rob Koplowitz and Michael Facemire with Christopher Mines, Sara Sjoblom, Diane Lynch, and Peter Harrison, April 12, 2018.

Transform your customer service

Customer service in banking is in the midst of a revolution thanks to augmented intelligence. Systems that learn directly from clients about their personal preferences and experiences are revolutionizing user interfaces. IBM customer service transformation solutions for banking help deliver consistent services, no matter the channel, geography, or the call center providing the experience.

Transform your customer service

Built on a natural language processing framework and designed with a conversational flow, IBM customer service solutions are customizable to fit corporate strategies, allowing banks to:

  • Automate customer interactions, eliminate wait times, speed product searches and recommend the next best action for customer service agents.
  • Understand and adapt to what customers are saying and doing.
  • Analyze conversations between customers and the bank through calls, chats, emails, tweets, survey feedback and other unstructured text data to extract critical business intelligence that is normally lost.
  • Turn every staff member into a top performer with consistent, accurate and in-context answers to customer's questions provided by a trained interface.

Transform your customer service

Virtual agents that understand customer inquiries, ask clarifying questions and personalize responses are helping human agents to deliver a superior customer experience. While the virtual agents handle simpler questions, live  agents are empowered to focus on more complex queries leading to enhanced customer service. This can help banks reduce support costs.

Customer stories

Royal Bank of Scotland created a virtual agent that can handle over 1,000 questions a day.

Cora transforms the service we give to our customers. It makes it effortless.

Jane Howard, Managing Director, Branch and Private Banking, Royal Bank of Scotland

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