International GenAI Conclave, Kochi
11-12 July 2024, Grand Hyatt Kochi Bolgatty Hotel
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Join us for India's first International GenAI Conclave, co-hosted by the Government of Kerala and IBM. The event showcases expert talks, panel discussions, workshops and exhibits highlighting the potential and practical implications of generative AI.

The advent of foundation models marks a new paradigm of AI, ushering in the era of generative AI. This era is expected to drive AI adoption, offer unmatched scalability and can easily be adapted to new scenarios and use cases.

The Government of Kerala and IBM are pleased to bring to you India’s first International GenAI Conclave on 11–12 July 2024 at Grand Hyatt, Mulavukad, Kochi. The event is also hosted by the Departments of Industries & Commerce, and Electronics & IT, Digital University, CUSAT and the Kerala Technological University. 

The International GenAI Conclave will deliberate on the impact of Gen AI, challenges, latest developments and opportunities to leverage it for India's economic advancement and career growth for India's youth. With an agenda filled with valuable insights and an immersive experience, the Conclave will include panel discussions, interactive sessions and product demos on how generative AI can be deployed with trust and confidence.

Expect a stellar line-up of eminent international and Indian technology experts, innovators, policymakers, industry leaders and distinguished senior academia from the AI, defence and software domains.

At the Conclave, you'll also learn how:

  • Kerala's talent, innovation prowess and government policies hold potential for developing and scaling GenAI applications for businesses and society
  • Organisations across the globe are implementing GenAI across industries for increased productivity
  • You can accelerate and operationalise GenAI applications with trust and confidence
  • AI will impact specific industries and professionals in the next five years
  • Students, developers, start-ups, government and industry are using AI to build innovative solutions that deliver impact
Attendance criteria

In order to ensure all attendees gain the maximum benefit from attending this event we will have a clear attendance policy. Attendees will be prioritised from the following groups:

  • Developers
  • Students
  • Start-ups
  • Existing IBM clients and partners
  • Government officials
  • University faculty

Priority will be given to organisations and individuals from the state of Kerala

Requests to attend will be reviewed according to these criteria.  Please help us by using your business/organisation email account.


Thursday July 11, 2024
10:15 Welcome Ceremony 10:25 Kerala Keynote – A Worldwide GenAI Hub Grows in Kerala

The Chief Minister of Kerala and his leadership team offer a special welcome to attendees and will describe the ambitious plan for establishing Kochi and the state of Kerala as a worldwide centre for generative AI innovation.

11:15 Break – Welcome to the Playground 11:45 IBM Keynote – GenAI is the New Technology North Star

Dinesh Nirmal, Senior Vice President of Development, Software for IBM and Kerala native, will detail the unprecedented momentum created by watsonx, IBM’s generative AI platform for Enterprise AI. He’ll share IBM’s strategy and what differentiates it from other offerings and show examples of generative AI innovation in action for business and public sector organisations around the world.

12:15 Lunch & Demos in The Playground 13:15 Driving Innovation with watsonx

Join this exclusive panel discussion featuring tech leaders from diverse industries who are pushing the boundaries of what's possible with watsonx. Examples include Sevilla Football Club, using watsonx to find emerging athletic talent, Comparus reimagining customer engagement for banks with conversational AI, and McKinsey, the management consulting firm, using generative AI to help analysts generate insights for clients. Panelists will dive into their watsonx implementations, sharing best practices and lessons learned. You'll walk away with a deeper understanding of how to integrate watsonx into your development workflows, leverage its advanced AI capabilities, and build innovative applications that create tangible business value.

14:00 GenAI in Rising Bharat

With the exploding demand for generative AI talent, the world is looking to India and its stellar reputation for excellence in hi-tech. This panel discussion will feature examples of AI innovation developed in India for Indian organisations. You’ll see demonstrations of generative AI in action and hear from speakers representing Indian police and military organisations as well as from local universities who are training the next generation of AI talent and expanding AI research.

14:25 Harnessing the Power of Open Source AI: Accelerating Business Innovation through Collaboration

With the rapid adoption of AI across industries, staying ahead of the curve requires tapping into the power of open-source collaboration. In this session, Sriram Rhagavan, VP of AI Research at IBM, will share his insights on how the Open Source AI Alliance is revolutionizing the way businesses innovate with AI.

Discover how the alliance, founded by IBM and Meta, brings together a diverse ecosystem of enterprise AI leaders, including Hugging Face, Intel, NASA, Stability AI, and top universities. By fostering collaboration and knowledge sharing, the alliance enables businesses to access cutting-edge AI tools, frameworks, and best practices.

14:50 AI in Robotics and Applications

One of the world’s leading experts on the intersection of robotics and artificial intelligence will present the latest perspective on this rapidly expanding discipline.

15:15 Break & Demos in The Playground 15:45 Navigating the GenAI Landscape: A Developer's Roadmap

The IBM Atlas is a comprehensive forecast developed by Research at IBM for key strategic technologies like Quantum, Automation, and AI over the next 3, 5, and 10 years. With a particular focus on the rapidly evolving field of generative AI, this session will provide developers with a detailed roadmap of the skills, tools, and experiences that will be essential for success in the emerging AI-driven economy. Whether you're a seasoned AI practitioner or just starting your journey, this session will equip you with the knowledge and guidance needed to navigate the exciting and transformative landscape of generative AI.

16:10 Lessons Learned from a Skywalker - Steven Smith, former NASA Astronaut

Steven Smith is a technology executive and a former NASA astronaut, who soared to space four times as a mission specialist and ventured out of the space station seven times for walks in space.  He has received many awards, including a NASA Outstanding Leadership Medal and NASA Exceptional Service Medal. He began his hi-tech career at IBM and returns to share lessons from space to enhance your life and work.

16:50 Networking and Exploration of Demos and Activations in The Playground

Join the day’s speakers, special guests and your peers for light snacks and beverages. Experience watsonx with interactive demos and live software challenges. Meet and talk with experts in generative AI from IBM, policymakers in the Kerala government, and organizations creating value with AI.

Friday July 12, 2024
10:15 Opening / Welcome 10:20 Kerala Keynote: Nurturing GenAI Innovation in Kerala

Kerala’s government leaders have a vision for making Kochi and Kerala the first destination for worldwide generative AI development. In this opening keynote, they’ll describe the investments being made and the policies being instituted in the state to support and grow business and create unlimited opportunities for skilled generative AI talent.

11:15 Panel Discussion: Kerala's GenAI: Fostering a Supportive Ecosystem

This conversation offers the perspective of local University leaders, entrepreneurs and business leaders on Kerala’s readiness to excel in generative AI development. What infrastructure, training and manpower is already in place and what more is needed?  This important discussion will illuminate the strong start made in Kerala and priorities for moving forward.

11:45 Panel Discussion: Generative AI Represents a New Frontier for Women in Technology

Parul Mishra, WW Vice President of Business Automation Product Management for IBM, will moderate a panel of prominent women working as executives, developers, and AI practitioners in India. They will recount their experiences and offer advice for women looking to advance their careers in AI as well as for men who can help as allies.

12:30 Lunch & Demos in the Playground 13:30 The Best and The Brightest – A Celebration of the Student and Start-up watsonx Hackathon Winners

Dinesh, Parul, and a representative from the Government of Kerala will co-present a special celebration, where the top three student and start-up winners of the GenAI Conclave watsonx Hackathon demonstrate their winning entries. They’ll share their experiences and lessons learned working with watsonx and take a much-deserved bow for work well done.

14:45 AI Adoption in India - The Impact on Indian Economy and Business - A Fireside Chat

Dinesh Nirmal returns to host a conversation with Indian Business Leaders on AI momentum in India and the profound impact that generative AI is projected to have on the Indian Economy.

15:15 Accelerating AI-driven Deployment for Business Applications

While AI research is essential, so too is the methodology required to successfully design, deliver, and deploy generative AI solutions. Sachin Varma, Managing Partner, Global BPO Delivery leader for Consulting at IBM, will present his views on the Best Practices and opportunities ahead for the people and organisations required to realize business value from AI solutions.

15:45 Building Trustworthy GenAI Applications: Navigating IP and Ethical Challenges

As developers race to harness the power of Generative AI (GenAI), concerns around deepfakes, fraud, and intellectual property (IP) infringement loom large. In this session, Manish Bhide, IBM Distinguished Engineer for and watsonx.governance, will shed light on how IBM is tackling these challenges head-on. Bhide will delve into the technical and legal safeguards embedded within the watsonx platform, which enable developers to build generative AI applications with confidence and mitigate associated risks. Attendees will gain a deep understanding of IBM's commitment to ethical and transparent AI, and how this translates into concrete tools and frameworks for responsible generative AI development. Developers will walk away with practical insights and best practices for operationalizing applications that prioritize trust, accountability, and legal compliance, empowering them to innovate with generative AI while navigating the complex IP and ethical landscape.

16:15 The Next Steps – Kerala Government and IBM Going Forward

To close the Conclave, Dinesh will be joined by Kerala government officials to provide a summary and turn to the opportunities ahead for Kerala-based developers, students, businesses, and learning institutions. Generative AI is projected to grow by more than 30% every year for the next 6 years. With Kerala and IBM’s commitment to creating a world class AI hub in Kerala, the road forward brings excitement and promise for Keralites.

16:30 Networking & Exploration of Demos, Activations, Meet the Experts

Once again, join the day’s speakers, special guests and your peers for light snacks and beverages to wrap up Day Two. This will be your last chance to get your hands on watsonx interactive demos and live software challenges. Most importantly, make sure to reach out and speak with the experts that have traveled from all over to share their knowledge as we bid each other farewell and safe travels.

Speakers Shri. Pinarayi Vijayan

Shri. P Rajeev

Dinesh Nirmal

Dr V Venu IAS

APM Mohammed Hanish IAS

Dr. Rathan U Kelkar

Dr. Elías Zamora Sillero

Amit Kumar

Sriram Raghavan

Professor Sethu Vijayakumar

Paul Antony IAS (Retd.)

Shri. S Harikishore IAS

Ankit Bose

Shri Hari Krishnan R IRTS

Dr. Saji Gopinath

Anoop Ambika

Prof. (Dr.) P.G. Sankaran

Anu Kumari IAS

Shalini Warrier

Dr. Elizabeth Sherly

Parul Mishra

Vishal Chahal

Sachin Varma

KP Sreekumar

Manish Bhide

Grand Hyatt Kochi Bolgatty

 Bolgatty Island, Kochi - 682504, Kerala, India

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