The No Nerd Cloud Podcast is a first-of-its kind podcast for business owners and decision-makers who are looking for actionable insights around cloud technology. IBM and India's leading spoken-word audio and podcast network jointly produced this podcast that will be low on jargon and geared towards the latest in IBM Cloud. Tune in to hear what the experts have to share and get your questions answered.

Episode 06 - Migration and Modernization of Workloads on Cloud

In this episode of the No Nerd Cloud podcast, hear from Aju Sebastian, Cloud Platform Leader, India and South Asia as he talks about the benefits of virtualization, migration and modernization of workloads and VMware technologies.

Past Episodes

Episode 01: Getting Started On Cloud With Subram Natarajan

In this first episode of No Nerd Cloud podcast, host Dharmesh Vaya is joined by Subram Natrajan, CTO India & South Asia to talk about the basics of cloud technologies and how to get started on your cloud journey.

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Episode 02: Achieving Scale with Cloud using Compute Solutions

In 2nd episode of No Nerd Cloud, our guest speaker Sai Vennam, IBM Cloud Offering manager talks about growing your business with cloud and the fundamentals of compute solutions.

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Episode 03: Choosing the right Storage Solutions on IBM Cloud

Ganendran Gajun, Cloud Platform Technical Leader, IBM Asia Pacific discusses different storage solutions on Cloud and how to choose the right storage solution for your organisation.

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Episode 04: Containerization for Business Operations

In this episode, Girish Dhanakshirur, Director of Engineering and CTO at IBM Cloud India Software Labs demystify cloud containerization and explains how they help streamline business operations.

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Episode 05: Secure Cloud Offerings for Banking and Financial Services

This episode of No Nerd cloud addressed how cloud adoption is changing the Financial Services sector. Our speaker Kalyan Madala shares how IBM is helping Banking and Financial Services firms modernize operations and move to Cloud, while addressing challenges posed by the need for regulatory compliance, security and data privacy with custom-built offerings.

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