Centerbridge Partners acquires IBM's marketing platform and commerce software offerings to form a standalone next generation marketing and advertising technology company.
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Watson Assistant for Marketing

Discover how to create AI-Powered Customer Experiences

A smarter marketing platform, powered by Watson

Today's marketers are faced with a new set of problems — too much data to make sense of, soaring customer expectations and a lack of trust in brands. Watson Marketing is an AI-powered digital marketing platform designed on an open ecosystem to help teams work smarter and deliver the experiences their customers expect.


Omnichannel marketing automation

Drive results with personalized customer experiences across all channels.

Marketing analytics

Get deeper insights that help you make smarter marketing decisions.

Customer experience analytics

Drive lasting loyalty with exceptional end-to-end customer experiences.

Mobile marketing

Boost engagement and conversions wherever your customers are with SMS, push notifications and more.


Tailor your digital marketing across every engagement opportunity in real time.

B2B marketing

Access comprehensive lead management — identify and convert more leads, more quickly and in any channel with AI-powered marketing automation.


Ensure your ad spend is delivering the maximum impact for your campaigns.

"It truly is like having another person on the team."

— Mark Becker, Web and Digital Marketing Manager, Ingersoll Rand

See how IBM clients are succeeding

Ingersoll Rand uses targeted email campaigns to personalize maintenance and support advice for when adverse conditions strike

ING Direct went from building campaigns in six days to rolling out full ones in just three — through AI-powered automation

TGI Fridays is shaping relevant, compelling moments of engagement that attract guests back to its restaurants again and again

Product spotlight

IBM Watson Campaign Automation

Design, automate and measure consistent campaigns across channels like email, mobile messaging, social and more. Campaign performance insights give you the data you need to deliver the most effective marketing campaigns.

IBM Watson Customer Experience Analytics

Make smarter, faster marketing and CX decisions based on insights into customers across touchpoints and channels.

IBM Campaign

Work smarter and faster with the market-leading solution for sophisticated campaign management, execution and audience segmentation.

IBM Tealeaf

AI-powered behavioral analytics help you create a digital world customers can't wait to come back to.

IBM Universal Behavior Exchange

Connect your entire marketing ecosystem to get a more complete picture of your customers’ behavior with this cloud-based customer data management offering.


How can IBM help on your journey to GDPR readiness?

IBM offers comprehensive solutions, services and expertise to help your progress to GDPR readiness and beyond.

Watson Marketing Community

Engage with fellow marketing professionals to maximize the value of your IBM solutions.

Watson Marketing webinars

View great upcoming and on-demand content from thought leaders.