Drive growth through finance transformation

Learn about the importance of business process transformation post-COVID from IBM and Forrester.

Why IBM finance consulting?

Transform your finance operations

We help transform finance organizations from improving the efficiency of their finance processes to creating smart functions with intelligent workflows — capable of finding, connecting and analyzing data to uncover deep insights that can inform intelligent decisions. Our financial consultants partner with clients to advise and manage end-to-end processes.

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Benefits of our financial services

Reduce operating costs

 Identify opportunities to improve operational productivity and performance management with IBM’s framework.

Drive business value

 Leverage data and technology to improve forecast accuracy and cash collections.

Boost compliance

Increase paid on time with intelligent workflows that monitor and mitigate risks.

Finance consulting services

Finance consulting

IBM helps finance leaders drive growth, reduce risk, manage costs, and improve customer and employee experience using intelligent workflows that drive integrated, transparent and agile actions. By building smarter end-to-end processes into financial workflows, businesses can harness the full power of their data, empower employees to higher value work, strengthen existing systems, and use leading technologies to transform.

Lead to cash

Modernize your lead-to-cash workflows to help you achieve faster speed to insights. The IBM Lead to Cash process functions like a smart pipeline accelerator based on intelligent workflows that empowers sellers with customer and product data to maximize every interaction and allows customers to self-service when applicable.

Record to analyze

Infuse intelligence, visibility and agility across your Record to Analyze workflow with automation, AI, analytics and skills to fundamentally change how work gets done. IBM Record to Analyze uses the power of data to augment processes from journaling to closing cycles to reporting, and provides AI-powered insights for deeper analysis and better financial decision-making.

Source to pay

Source-to-pay intelligent workflows leverage exponential technologies to digitize processes, provide insight and sourcing intelligence and elevate the user experience, leading to maximized savings and growth. We provide an intuitive user interface, customized learning and microservices enabled architecture.

Corporate finance case studies

Volkswagen prepares for an electric future

Volkswagen Sachsen worked with IBM Consulting to deploy SAP S/4HANA, helping it standardize and streamline its financial processes.

Generali optimizes financial workflows

Generali wanted to drive real-time data flow and shift the focus from reporting and reconciliation to analysis as a part of its finance transformation journey.

IBM's business process reinvention

IBM created a finance solution that reimagines the way customers buy and sellers sell, resolving outdated processes and siloed communications.

Financial services resources

Strategic automation for speed, agility and resilience

Harness new technologies to automate processes that improve customer service, free employees to do more meaningful work and drive growth.

Imperatives for ensuring BCP in a post COVID-19 world

Discover the 4E approach to improve your firm's business continuity planning (BCP) resiliency and ensure dynamic delivery in the future.

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