Cloud strategy drives your cloud journey

From cost savings and scalability to total transformation and faster innovation, get your hybrid multicloud strategy right and the rest will follow.

When aligned with a clearly defined implementation plan, the right enterprise cloud strategy can democratize your infrastructure, enable enterprise agility and speed digital transformation. Our experts can customize your cloud policies and cloud environment based on an actionable roadmap that helps increase speed and improve competitive advantage.


Hybrid Cloud Advisory Services enable clients and IBM to co-create a strategy for agile growth by assessing and orchestrating the necessary links to align business objectives with technology and workforce transformation.

Hybrid cloud optimization services

Our strategy creates solutions based on resilient, hyperscaler-specific and data-aware platform architectures built on a secure framework. These steps enable us to create a complex program that measures and delivers value incrementally.

Partnerships and accelerators

Our strategic partnerships enable IBM to leverage our combined talents and unique strengths together in new and exciting ways so your business can shine.

IBM and Apptio partnership

IBM advisory services with Apptio’s SaaS solutions will be a decision engine to help clients migrate workloads and applications.

IBM and CAST partnership

Modernize your workloads and applications to harness the full power of innovative technologies such as cloud, AI and automation.

Cloud cost management and accountability

FinOps can be a radical transformation for some organizations, but when done right, it becomes part of the enterprise culture.

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