Access real-time insights

Use real-time data and insights to improve responsiveness, quality and accuracy — delivering greater value to employees, partners and customers.

Harness exponential technologies

Unlock value from powerful technologies, like AI, automation, blockchain, IoT, 5G and edge computing, orchestrated in service of your unique workflows and business needs.

Generate and scale business value

Rapidly convert ideas into business value. Develop intelligent workflows that create value as cost-effective processes and tasks are integrated.

Business consulting case studies

Bestseller India fashions the future with AI

Bestseller India is using a custom AI platform to support preseason design, planning, production and forecasting — modernizing end-to-end business processes by empowering team members with technology.

IBM transforms “business as usual” with AI and hybrid cloud

Reimagine how work gets done to reinvent your organization. Intelligent workflows start with the experience, then add powerful technologies to empower employees with data and insights that deliver meaningful results.

Expertise on call with Humana

Organizations are rethinking how they can meet user expectations. Humana, a leading health insurance provider, reduced costly pre-service calls and improved the service provider experience with conversational AI.

Celonis, IBM and Red Hat form global partnership

This new partnership joins execution management with an open, hybrid cloud approach to help drive flexibility and speed for enterprise digital transformation.

Intelligent workflows reinvent how organizations get work done.

Dominique Dubois, Global Strategy Offerings Executive, Business Transformation Services

¹ Source: Forrester, Reinventing Workflows: Power Your Digital Transformation And Drive Greater Impact By Modernizing Processes