Forrester Wave: Continuous Automation And Testing Services
IBM has been placed in the leader quadrant of the Forrester Wave™: Continuous Automation And Testing Services, Q3 2021.


IBM is a recognized leader in cloud application management services with the in-depth expertise to manage all your applications whether they run on the cloud, on-prem, and/or private. IBM Services® improves efficiency with automation, increases agility with DevOps and moves the focus from fault detection to prevention using AI — increasing operational efficiencies, enabling quick responses to changing business needs and implementing continuous innovation across your application portfolio.

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Compare your application development and management operations with industry benchmarks and peers.


Drive continuous cloud modernization on any platform

As a top-tier partner of AWS Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud and IBM Cloud, we help migrate, build and manage each of your applications to your platform of choice.

Reduce operational costs and speed time to market with AI and automation

Our management services deliver operational efficiencies that lower costs and implement intelligent business processes by integrating data, AI and advanced automation.

Achieve enhanced visibility, security and resiliency

Our integrated multicloud management platform offers a single-pane view, providing end-to-end visibility in the hybrid environment for better control over your business processes.

Strategic partnerships

IBM Cloud platform

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Manage applications on IBM Cloud

Manage applications on IBM Cloud and use IBM Cloud Satellite to deploy and run apps consistently across environments.

Microsoft Azure migration

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Hyperscale your journey with Azure

Fast-track your hybrid cloud transformation to Microsoft Azure with security and confidence.

AWS Cloud services

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Amazon Web Services Cloud Services

We can help speed your design, migration and operation on AWS Cloud regardless of your industry segment.

Google Cloud Platform

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Hyperscale with Google Cloud Platform

Seize the full potential of Google Cloud Platform with artificial intelligence and improved resiliency. 

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