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See how VDI easily enables your workforce to share, collaborate and bring together dispersed design teams in the cloud.

Solution brief

Deliver professional graphics software and files from the cloud to your mobile workforce.

Remove productivity barriers with a robust virtual desktop infrastructure

IBM Cloud is teaming with NVIDIA and NetApp to deliver accelerated virtual desktops with industry-leading graphics and storage capabilities. Your mobile workforce gains a workstation-like experience on any device for quick access to graphics-intensive applications and files, no matter where they are.

Experience the benefits of VDI on IBM Cloud

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Protect valuable in-flight and at-rest content from loss and theft with confidence.

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Agile & efficient

Quickly configure and scale computing and storage options housed in data centers around the world.

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Use GPU technology to accelerate access to graphics-intensive files and applications.

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Avoid expensive workstations and only pay for the cloud resources you use.

How can you use a virtual desktop infrastructure?

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Architecture, engineering and construction

  • Output graphics-intensive designs on laptops or mobile devices to in-house and field teams.
  • Store files on secure cloud servers, eliminating the need for local copies.
  • Transfer files easily among 46 global data centers at no cost.
  • Access powerful computer-aided design (CAD) applications remotely.
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  • Support global collaboration with the ability to share files, regardless of size.
  • Access critical information like project forms and plant schedules from anywhere, on any device.
  • Gain remote access capabilities away from the plant or factory.
  • Keep proprietary and other sensitive data secure, even when working with third parties.
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Media and entertainment

  • Remove strain on graphics workstations by editing and moving large video and animation files.
  • Enable a global workforce of creative workers and content stakeholders with secure access to valuable assets.
  • Reduce the total cost per seat for editing, finishing, animation and other high-end graphics applications.

Build your virtual desktop infrastructure solution

Compute power

Gain the virtually unmatched power of bare metal plus scalability ease in a centrally managed environment.


Empower users with superior graphics processing available through dedicated GPU resources.


Add secure, high-performing Endurance or Performance block storage.

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