Connect enterprise systems to the Salesforce cloud with IBM

IBM Cloud Integration for Salesforce enables businesses to unlock the full potential of Salesforce. By harnessing on-premises and cloud data across multiple applications, organizations can drive operational efficiencies and deliver enhanced customer experiences.

How do the best companies use Salesforce?

For business users: Connect applications and data to accelerate success

Sync Salesforce business data in the cloud and data center systems
With cloud integration solutions from IBM, business users can integrate and manage data as it moves between the Salesforce platform and existing company systems, in the cloud and on premises. Critical data remains current and accurate, no matter where it is housed, while the solution feeds data to cognitive applications with minimal effort and without disturbing core data flows.

For technical users: Leverage powerful tools to integrate your enterprise

Create the best experience with access to the right data
IBM Cloud Integration for Salesforce offers IT users the tools to build integrations that expose enterprise systems, which are consumable via Salesforce Connect. Developers working with lines of business can use these integrations to build employee-facing Lightning applications.

Cloud integration from IBM extends the reach of the Salesforce platform to rapidly access data in real time within any enterprise system, home grown or off the shelf. Avoid the cost and overhead of synchronizing data by virtualizing access to the data at its source, giving all users an up-to-the minute view of client data.

Improve customer service and experience in real time
Using IBM MQ in conjunction with the Salesforce streaming events API, the IT user can include events originating from the Salesforce platform deep into enterprise messaging-based systems. Users can push key business data in real time from the Salesforce cloud platform to commerce and other large and disparate on-premises systems, coupled with the asynchronous capabilities of IBM MQ.

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