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Store your data safely in the cloud with more choices to meet your data storage needs. IBM Cloud Object Storage offers worldwide locations for your data storage needs with three resiliency options providing a range of availability, resiliency and performance.

Resiliency choices:

  • Cross Region: Your data is stored across three regions within a geography for highest availability and resiliency.
  • Regional: Your data is stored in multiple data center facilities within a single geographic region for best availability and performance.
  • Single Data Center:  Your data is stored across multiple devices in a single data center for when data locality matters most.

Global map illustrating the cross region, regional and single data center resiliency choices

Resiliency option details

  Cross Region Regional Single Data Center 
Definition Multi-regional protection with concurrent regional access Multi-site protection within a region with concurrent data center access Single Data Center protection and access
Recommended use

When business continuity across multiple regions is top of mind

When availability and resiliency are highest priorities

Best combination of price, performance, and availability Recommended over Cross-Region for most use cases — analytics, big data, data lakes, application development and low-latency workloads

This is the default resiliency choice.

When in-country data is a top priority

When dictated by data locality restrictions
Latency 100s of milliseconds 10s of milliseconds 10s of milliseconds
Availability of IBM Cloud service integrations Not all IBM Cloud service integrations are available to Cross Region. Regional has the broadest coverage of supported IBM Cloud service integrations. Not all IBM Cloud service integrations are available to Single Data Center.  Additionally, some services that are available may be hosted outside the region.
Protection Protection against entire regional unavailability or outage Protection includes entire site outage but not regional outages In the event of a data center level disaster (fire, flooding etc.), data may be unrecoverable.  Customer backup is recommended.


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