A trusted Kafka offering

IBM has years of experience running Apache Kafka for clients.

See how KONE is using IBM event-streaming technology to run 24x7 predictive maintenance.


Respond to events before the moment passes

React to events as they happen, then use the opportunity to interact with a potential customer.

Create responsive and personalized customer experiences

Get data to your APIs before it’s required, making your business more responsive and the end-user experiences more delightful.

Bring real-time intelligence to your applications

Bring context to machine-learning models, making real-time recommendations that continuously evolve as the situation demands.


Deploy production-ready Apache Kafka in minutes

Take advantage of Apache Kafka and exploit the rapidly evolving capabilities of event streaming platform. Quick to deploy and configure, IBM Event Streams removes the complexity of configuring and deploying the multiple components of Apache Kafka required for production use. IBM Event Streams enables you to focus on writing event-driven and responsive applications, rather than spending time deploying and managing middleware.

Rely on disaster recovery and security designed for mission-critical use

IBM Event Streams is the security-rich, event streaming platform you need for enterprise applications. Exploit the easy-to-configure geo-replication features to replicate topic data between clusters in two locations for fast recovery, should a disaster occur. Backed by proven, global IBM Support, IBM Event Streams offers support you can rely on, and gives you the confidence to deploy mission-critical workloads.

Make Apache Kafka easy and intuitive to use at scale

Gain insight into the data inside your clusters to monitor the health of the system and efficiently diagnose application issues that may arise. With IBM Event Streams, you can visualize the data flowing through Apache Kafka topics from high-level throughput trends over time to individual message content — even for high-throughput workloads.

Exploit existing data to become a real event-driven enterprise

The most interesting, impactful new applications in an enterprise are those that build on existing systems. IBM Event Streams has supported connectivity to the systems you’re already using, including IBM MQ and IBM App Connect Enterprise. Leverage your existing investments, skills and even existing data, and use event-driven techniques to offer more-responsive and more-personalized experiences.

Use cases

Event input feed for data analytics

Use Event Streams to collect massive volumes of events from IoT, website tracking or back-end systems to feed into big data analytics, enabling you to spot opportunities and risks to make decisions in real time.

Event input feed for data analytics

Event-driven microservices

Create agile, cloud-native applications built around a central event bus, using event-sourced patterns or reactive frameworks. This is often a pattern used for applications that need to scale.

Creating an agile, cloud-native application

Bridge to cloud-native applications

Extract events from existing systems to power the next generation of responsive, cloud-native applications.

Bridging existing systems with cloud-native applications

Product versions

IBM Event Streams

An event management platform built on Apache Kafka that adds enterprise-grade features and IBM Support

IBM Event Streams Community Edition

A free, unrestricted, unsupported version that delivers the basic features of IBM Event Streams for evaluation and developer use

IBM Event Streams on IBM Cloud

A hosted and fully managed Apache Kafka-as-a-service offering on the IBM Cloud™

Connect and engage

Engage with IBM Distinguished Engineers and Apache Kafka experts.