API management leaders

Forrester’s latest report names IBM as a leader among 15 API management solution providers

IBM API Connect features

API creation

Automated, model-driven tools to create new APIs and microservices based on Node.js and Java runtimes—all managed from a single unified console.

Security and API management

Security, traffic management and mediation policies to ensure APIs and data are protected.  Simple management of APIs, versions, lifecycle, subscription plans and subscribers.

API socialization

Self-service developer portal to empower internal and external developers to discover, consume and access APIs.

API Testing and Monitoring

Automated and collaborative API testing and monitoring without any coding, easily integrated into your CI/CD pipeline.

Built-in analytics

API usage analytics for both API providers and consumers, with runtime and historical reporting on usage patterns and performance metrics.

Multi-Cloud Design

API Connect offers secure multi-cloud support to deploy components on Docker, AWS, Azure, IBM Cloud private and more.

IBM API Connect benefits

Securely unlock assets

Securely expose existing business services via APIs to new mobile, IoT and web applications.

Drive innovation

Attract and engage developers through API socialization with enterprise governance built-in.

Gain insights

Gain insights into which APIs are having the largest impact on an organization's API program.

Expand revenue channels

Capture new revenue sources through monetization of an organization's API program.

How customers use it

Create, secure and manage REST APIs

This tutorial demonstrates how to create a new REST API using the LoopBack Node.js API framework and then add management, visibility, security and rate limiting to your API using the API Connect service on IBM Cloud.

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Create, secure and manage REST APIs architecture diagram

IBM API Connect versions

API Connect Lite

Provision a fully managed API Connect instance on the IBM Cloud.  Lite is designed for developers and is available at no charge.

API Connect Enterprise

Building on Professional, Enterprise is aimed at enterprise-level environments, provides advanced analytics and includes the DataPower® Gateway.

API Connect Test & Monitor

Available as a powerful standalone API testing and monitoring solution that is fully automated, collaborative, and designed for you. No code required and completely free.

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