IBM API Connect features

API creation and runtime management

Use automated, visual and coding options to rapidly generate Swagger compliant APIs from backend sources.  Using API Designer, you can create a REST API using the LoopBack Node.js framework.  You can use Docker to manage the runtime of Node.js, Swift and Java microservices.  API Connect also offers a comprehensive set of public APIs for CI/CD integration and automation.

Security and API management

Set up access control over APIs for both API providers and consumers by using role-based permissions, API packaging constructs, and subscription and community management.  Enforce built-in and user-defined policies at runtime.  Monitor the set of rules and conditions that govern the API to ensure it is fulfilling its intended purpose, and make adjustments if necessary.  Retire and archive APIs when appropriate.

API monetization

Configure key billing and payment options to enable various API pricing models, while having the flexibility to use the OOTB billing system or integrate with your organization's existing billing system.  Choose from commonly used charge models, such as freemium, flat or usage-based, and easily configure product pricing without having to write any custom code.

Flexible deployment and licensing

API Connect uses a modern, cloud-native design based on microservices and Docker for hyper scale and high performance.  It can be utilized as a SaaS service or a customer-managed deployment on cloud of choice, on or off premises.  It’s available with hybrid cloud licensing for on- and off-premises deployments with a single license. You can also securely expose business services and data in IBM Cloud Private.

Multi-Cloud Design

API Connect offers secure multi-cloud support to deploy components on Docker, AWS, Azure, IBM Cloud private and more. This provides unmatched scalability and performance through new container and microservices-based design. Independently scale each API Connect component based on workload leveraging container orchestration tools.

Built-in analytics

Access API usage analytics for both API providers and consumers, with runtime and historical reporting on usage patterns and performance metrics and customizable dashboards and easy offloading to third-party tools.  You can filter, sort and aggregate your API event data, and then present the results within correlated charts, tables and maps to help you make informed decisions.  Gain insights into which APIs are having the largest impact on your organization's API program.

Developer portal

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Socialize APIs to internal and external developer communities by using the single, self-service developer portal, with governance and control.  You can customize the developer portal for your application developers.  The developer portal also provides a radically improved developer experience simplifying API definition and policy addition

Get started with API Connect

Take control of your API ecosystem while propelling your API strategy forward. API Connect is a market-leading API management solution for automated API creation, simple asset discovery, self-service developer access and built-in security and governance.