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Breaking Down the Myths which Deter Women From a Career in Tech

In the rapidly evolving tech industry landscape, women often encounter myths and misconceptions when pursuing careers in technology and engineering.

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When you join IBM, you join a culture of openness, collaboration and trust. You join a team of IBMers who are bringing change into the world—helping cure diseases, clean our oceans and make technology work for good.


What our values are

Dedication to every client's success. Innovation that matters—for our company and for the world. Trust and personal responsibility in all relationships.

What makes us unique

Our people are what make us unique. Every individual from around the world with a quest for knowledge has a voice to add to our story.

Our teams Explore the areas of work where you can apply your unique skills. Software engineering

Work with one of the most talented engineering teams solving complex problems.

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Join a leading team on technical sales and engage with top clients around the world.

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Help businesses accelerate their cloud journey by combining the flexibility of Red Hat® and IBM technologies.

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Data & analytics

Learn, understand and turn oceans of data into tangible solutions for our clients.

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Infrastructure & technology

Get your hands on one of the biggest tech infrastructures in the world, from mainframes to high-end virtualization.

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Scale and create a cloud that's secure, fast and reliable with open-source technology.

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Learn to build and run enterprise cybersecurity solutions to help companies thrive in the face of uncertainty.

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Enterprise operations

From HR and finance to marketing and communication—work with IBMers, for IBMers.

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Investigate the technology that will power the world for decades to come.

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Design & UX

Ideate, design and iterate: turn ideas into outcomes, with a user-centered approach.

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Project management

Coordinate complex technical projects in an agile way while striving to deliver excellence.

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AI & watsonx™

Work on some of the most exciting AI projects in the world, co-creating the future.

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IBM in the wild

All my colleagues and manager encourage, challenge and mentor me every day.
I believe in the power of open communication and am an avid conversationalist. Passion for possibility. The journey in IBM has contributed to my overall growth as a consultant.
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