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Vikram Chandra, Consulting Editor, NDTV asked some industry stalwarts their views on Artificial Intelligence (AI) at the Think Dialogue held at the sidelines of the IBM Think Summit. It is interesting to hear diverse views from Harmeen Mehta (Bharti Airtel Ltd), Antony Jacob (Apollo Munich Health Insurance) to Bhaskar Bhat (Titan) among others on ‘Leadership in the era of AI’.

Adoption of AI is still in its early days but certainly not overhyped. Both from the technology perspective and that of cultural nuances, we are still at an early stage but if you look at Healthcare, Banking and Retail, AI is absolutely for real.

-Karan Bajwa, MD, IBM India

AI is here to stay as it is relevant to every single industry which has a certain amount of data. The real challenge is the insights you get from the data and what we can predict. What marketers must know is that data is a commodity and should focus on the insights one gets from that data. Did you know that organizations use less than 5% of data they have access to?

-D Shivkumar, Group Executive President-Corporate Strategy and Business, Aditya Birla Group

Technology is changing at a fast pace and with the play of AI, if we don’t catch up we will be left behind. AI is definitely one of the areas where we cannot miss out by actually not being fully involved. It’s the power of AI and human intelligence that’s going to create a world of tomorrow.

-Harmeen Mehta, Global CTO and Head of Digital, Bharti Airtel Ltd.

Like any technology, AI is going to aid human kind to move forward. AI has aided decision making, however the fear to address is that AI will make decisions for us.

-Bhaskar Bhat, MD, Titan Company Ltd

The impact of AI in a country like India with the kind of numbers of people that we have is humongous and will be seen in customizing services for them. This is not possible unless we use AI and at a cost that is affordable too.

-Arundhati Bhattacharya, Former Chairman, State Bank of India

AI is for real and is dependent highly on the data. AI is an opportunity.

-Antony Jacob, CEO, Apollo Munich Health Insurance

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