2019. The Year of Smarter Business

2018 was a definitive year for the fast emerging technologies of AI and Cloud computing amongst others. The use of AI was dominated by big tech companies like IBM, Google, Microsoft, Amazon, and a few smaller tech based start-ups are leading the way in the early adoption of these and other technologies. A key breakthrough has been Cloud-based AI which has made the technology cheaper and easier as we came to the close of 2018. So as a cloud-based service, it could be widely available to many more enterprises, giving the economy a boost in the years to come. Machine-learning tools based in the cloud are bringing AI to a far broader audience. Even Blockchain had emerged as a metamorphic technology in 2018 as it has an interplay with AI.

So, never before have we been in an era of such a fast paced transformative technology landscape. As we look upon the past year as a year for the emergence of innovative disruption, the outlook for 2019 points to more widespread adoption of these technologies as far as disruption is concerned, thanks to the new developments in the top trending areas of Artificial Intelligence, AI Driven Development, Cloud computing, IOT, Blockchain, Augmented Analytics, Immersive Experience, Smart spaces and Quantum computing amongst others as identified by Gartner. Clearly a harbinger of the ‘data economy’ as enterprises see exponential value in the humungous amount of data that is being generated and the way data can be leveraged.

These and other innovations will undoubtedly continue to change the way business is done, enterprises function and how we live our daily lives. Organisations that adopt and further these breakthrough technologies will be poised to remain on track to take on challenges in the next few years.

The AI conversation is clearly gaining ground at a faster pace now and IBM Research continues to push the boundaries on what AI can do. As Dr. Dario Gil, Vice President of Science and Solutions of IBM Research, has said, “Broad AI will be characterized by the ability to learn and reason more broadly across tasks, to integrate information from multiple modalities and domains, all the while being more explainable, secure, fair, auditable and scalable.” AI – A Year in review Predictions and papers from IBM Research (US) elucidates the key trends in AI to look out for in 2019.

There’s good news in the Indian context too. India is uniquely positioned to succeed in the adoption of Artificial Intelligence. AI has the potential to amplify India’s demographic advantages, by dramatically expanding human capabilities. For individual businesses, cognitive computing and AI readily motivate significant efficiencies and growth opportunities. So 2019 looks to be a promising year for India which is at the forefront of the Artificial Intelligence (AI) surge. We will see more local innovations from the country with broader adoptions across various sectors globally as expressed by Sriram Raghavan, Vice President, IBM Research & CTO IBM India/South Asia.

Cloud Computing is another area where further breakthroughs have been made as mentioned earlier. The IBM Cloud is built for all applications allowing you to power all innovations. It is AI ready, which allows you to unlock more value from your data and is secure to the core. It supports continuous security for apps and data. The IBM Cloud provides high-performance computing (HPC) solutions that enable organizations to process large volumes of data quickly and economically.

Our annual flagship technology conference, The ‘IBM Think 2019’ conference is something you can look forward to. Happening in San Francisco, February 12-15, 2019, the conference is a great opportunity to gain knowledge and insights and even get hands-on experience with the latest technologies from IBM. To view more details and register for the conference click here. (US)

Looking ahead, as other technologies also make further advancements, organisations that adopt them early are certain to emerge as winners in their industry sectors. Manufacturing, Retail, Healthcare, Energy, Transportation, Insurance are a few such industries that are adopting these transformative technologies. So the outlook for 2019 is certainly going to be - a year of smarter business.

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