Marketing for Customer Delight

According to Gartner, 85% of consumer interactions will be non-human by 2020. A fact which is reiterated as businesses are looking into investing robust marketing systems powered by tech and data. As the economy evolves toward a more digital future, power to engage and influence interest group through website, email, and social media is growing exponentially. It was found that in India alone there are about 250 million active users on social media as of January 2018, amongst which 230 Mn access social media through mobile phones. This is a phenomenal number which is only rising every day.

One of the greater advantages of digital is that it makes personalization a reality which is crucial today. Marketing automation has the ability to create tailor-made experiences per each of the diverse, large audience segment. Systems like IBM Watson Campaign Automation can deliver personalized customer journeys across email, mobile push, SMS and social with AI-powered, SaaS marketing automation. As we progress in this space, hyper-personalization in the delivery of customer journey will play a key role in redefining customer experience in the near future.

Today marketing success comes from the ability to make the right decisions at the right time. As with anything, it is easier said than done. Companies nowadays have more customer data than ever before, beyond just the standard transactional data. Bringing the technology in play, data becomes the new currency for effective Customer Experience strategy. It enables market leaders to make informed high-level decisions by tracking the performance on various parameters and helps determine what is and is not working so they can best allocate resources.

This opportunity also brings with it some challenges especially with most customer data stored on cloud, protecting your customer data is not just a legal imperative but also an essential to keep the trust of your customer. IBM Cloud considers the protection of data mission critical. To create the best customer journey, organizations need to keep in mind that it’s not just about what is delivered to the customer, but how and the aftermath is equally important. A customer who feels valued, understood and safe will stay loyal to the brand.

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