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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is changing the way we approach marketing. Marketers used to worry about the lack of data, but the advancement of the internet and technology has overwhelmed us with information. Finding a way to personalise this data to improve customer experience is a key challenge that many organisations face, and AI helps tackle that data overload.

AI like Watson and Albert have been deployed specifically for use in this area. Employing AI for marketing and advertising can help marketers handle huge amounts of data, maintain constant and immediate contact with the customer, and personalizing the customer’s experience. The advancement of big data has given marketers the chance to observe their customers better and tweak their campaigns in order to gain better ROI. AI can help create personalized marketing experiences, make sense of customer data, and create consistent branding across all channels. In similar ways, using AI for marketing can have a huge impact on the way information reaches the customer and how they interact with your product. By using applications like chatbots and AI to answer basic customer questions instantly, gathering data without effort, and predicting customer behavior, AI can be the next step to better and more efficient marketing.

Data-driven marketing is on the rise. Not only does it create valuable insights that help in improving customer experience, but big data helps AI grow by gathering information in order to be implemented in other processes. At the moment, data centers employ AI and machine learning for monitoring and automating infrastructure and security. The advent of GDPR has certainly created queries in the way data-driven programs and AI will be affected. However, in the long run, GDPR might prove to be a blessing in disguise for marketing. With AI growing so fast, powered by big data, marketing is most likely to see a revolutionary change in the way they approach customer strategies.

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