2019. The Year of Smarter Business

2018 was a definitive year for the fast emerging technologies of AI and Cloud computing amongst others. The use of AI was dominated by big tech companies like IBM, Google, Microsoft, Amazon, and a few smaller tech based start-ups are leading the way in the early adoption of these and other technologies. A key breakthrough has been Cloud-based AI which has made the technology cheaper and easier as we came to the close of 2018. So as a cloud-based service, it could be widely available to many more enterprises, giving the economy a boost in the years to come. Machine-learning tools based in the cloud are bringing AI to a far broader audience. Even Blockchain had emerged as a metamorphic technology in 2018 as it has an interplay with AI.


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Cognitive India: How AI is transforming Indian business, economics and engagement

India is uniquely positioned to succeed in the artificial intelligence (AI) economy. By dramatically expanding human capabilities, AI has the potential to amplify – perhaps exponentially – India’s demographic advantages. With 10-12 million new workers joining the Indian labor force every year, the leverage that can be provided by AI-augmented productivity expansion is little short of remarkable.

Is AI overhyped?

Vikram Chandra, Consulting Editor, NDTV asked some industry stalwarts their views on Artificial Intelligence (AI) at the Think Dialogue held at the sidelines of the IBM Think Summit. It is interesting to hear diverse views from Harmeen Mehta (Bharti Airtel Ltd), Antony Jacob (Apollo Munich Health Insurance) to Bhaskar Bhat (Titan) among others on ‘Leadership in the era of AI’.


Sriram Raghavan

Vice President, Director,CTO

IBM India South Asia

World Largest Appliance Manager Improves Customer Intimacy with Chatbot

There has been a steady demand for AI-based marketing and sales solutions and the market is expected to be valued at USD 6.46 Billion in 2018 and is likely to reach USD 40.09 Billion by 2025, at a CAGR of 29.79% during the forecast period. Read more on how companies are improving customer intimacy with chatbot.

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