How TechM is Reimagining Processes with IBM for a Digital Future

The Business Challenge
Post an ERP implementation our client Telenet, a leading telecom provider in Belgium, was facing a challenge in change management that was affecting more than 3000 of its employees. The client was looking for a solution to enable the adoption and usage of the critical applications they were rolling out, and at the same time improve the productivity of their IT personnel.

IBM and TechM: Partnering for a Digital Future…
The IBM partnership has played a key role in TechM’s business strategy for enabling clients to navigate the digital headwinds they’re faced with. This partnership has played a very important role in developing turnkey and customized TechM solutions that support clients in navigating continuously, evolving customer business models and customer expectations.

TechM investments towards IBM solutions
Tech Mahindra and IBM share a decade long global partnership, which has resulted in the development of joint industry and horizontal solutions, with accelerators and IP like iDecisions™. We have co-created ‘Optimized for IBM’ solutions across IBM products. TechM has IBM Centers of Excellence on Maximo, FileNet, Net-Cool, Cognos, and Datastage & SAP HANA. With over 2800+ experienced professionals on IBM products including a large pool of certified resources, we are well positioned to serve our joint enterprise customers. We have co-invested in labs and have an in-house IBM Mainframes.

With clients across industries such as Telco, BFSI, Manufacturing, Retail and Public Sector using the IBM product stack, TechM has a strong Telco expertise on IBM in OSS, EAI and technology layer.

Considering their ease of use, technology depth, and IBM’s ability to invest and support their solutions, TechM has been using the Watson cognitive platform-based solutions, Watson Knowledge studio, Watson conversation service.

Time to digitize workforce and re-imagine processes…
At TechM our goal is to support our clients to navigate the digital headwinds by partnering them in their digital transformation journey to: 1. stay nimble all the time 2. innovate continuously 3. fortify for manifold scalability.

This means that our customers’ business strategy must pivot from being IT-centric to digital technology-centric, through the digitization of workforce and re-imagination of processes. And, to enable our customers through this journey, we have designed a new-age suite of solutions that leverages Automation to ensure better Quality, at lower costs, and in shorter Time. AQT – our flagship suite of integrated Automation & AI platforms is designed specifically to increase business efficiency and empower innovation, through Intelligent Automation and Automation Thinking.

For example, for Telenet, a leading telecom provider in Belgium, we’ve developed Fred, an IBM Watson based cognitive chatbot, which is available 24*7 to deliver value in the process of simplification of the ERP/CRM system roll-out.

Virtual Agent for Telenet’s IT Service Provisioning and Helpdesk
Post undertaking a large ERP transformation project, Telenet was facing a challenge in change management—and this was affecting more than 3000 employees. Tech Mahindra partnered the Telenet team and leveraged IBM’s Watson to develop an enterprise Virtual Agent to manage their IT helpdesk. With this Virtual Agent, the customer was able to roll out a 24*7 IT helpdesk service and enabled employees to seek clarifications on important business applications. Thus, enabling Telenet improve the adoption and usage of their critical applications and better utilize their IT personnel.

Falling back on the Decade long partnership
TechM leveraged the IBM Watson NLP capabilities and Microsoft bot framework as a middleware, to develop Fred, the chatbot / virtual agent that works through the Telenet’s Skype for Business to provide a direct chat interface to employees for availing IT services.

With Fred, Telenet was able to roll out a 24*7 IT helpdesk service that its employees used to access FAQs, perform simple tasks such as password resets, order for computer spare parts, place telephone requests, etc. The Virtual Agent also enabled employees to seek clarifications on important business applications such as Fusion, Office365, etc.

While the client evaluated two other solutions (apart from IBM Watson), considering the richness of the features, the client chose to go ahead with IBM. The chatbot was hosted on the customer’s intranet, which is the first point of contact for queries related to usage of new ERP from employees.

The proof of the pudding…
The TechM team observed that Fred the bot became the preferred choice of the users in more than 80% of the cases. In terms of accuracy, the bot was able to provide correct answers in 85-90% of the cases.

The bot has also been used on some internal use cases such as tasks related to service management, release management and infrastructure operations. While this opened up possibilities about other possible use scenarios, Telenet has seen significant productivity improvement using the bot.

Taking it ahead…
TechM is in process to take forward the usage of the bot developed for Telenet to the next level through a Shift-Left program as part of which routine IT tasks are now passed back, using the bot, to business users / agents. The team also plans to install the bot as a virtual call-center agent.

Considering the success of this change management solution, Telenet has asked TechM to replicate the same on two more transformation projects.


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