Today's business operations are often misguided because of misalignment between overall business strategy and operational strategy. A poorly defined operating model can add complexity and confusion about such elements as what to emphasize, cost, quality, service level, innovation and more. Your organization needs to address ongoing operational governance and avoid changes that are optimized for narrow objectives. Successful operations require examining processes, organizations, IT and other elements holistically for both performance and alignment, instead of concentrating on isolated areas.


IBM experts can help you define and improve your operations strategy. We begin by assessing your current operations. Then we help you envision the future levels of performance and alignment required to successfully implement your business strategy.

IBM business model innovation experts help your organization:

  • Develop an explicit operations strategy and roadmap to enable the business strategy and direction.
  • Break "the operating problem" down into logical bite-sized chunks and deploy the appropriate strategy in support of overall corporate aims.
  • Achieve explicit confirmation of the business strategy to ensure a shared understanding of the strategy and its implications for the operating model.
  • Apply a maturity model tool to assess each current operating element, define the future state target and convey the impact of each stage of the change plan.
  • Roadmap development that includes initiative prioritization, high level change plan and proposed governance structure.

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