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Cyber resiliency is a unified security approach which encompasses everything from identifying your defense plan to protecting against vulnerabilities, detecting threats, responding to attacks and recovering data and applications. It will reduce the impact of cyber disruption and get your business back on track stronger than before. In fact, cyber resilient companies save $200,000 per hour of downtime.

An IBM Cyber Resilience Expert can partner with your organisation to create an integrated and cohesive resilience plan. They’ll bring together a full breadth of capabilities including category-leading security, resiliency and software-defined network solutions, as well as industry-leading services. With our help, you’ll be free to take advantage of digital opportunities knowing you’ll only end up in the news for the right reasons.

Get to know the five stages of the Cyber Resiliency Lifecycle


To improve cyber resilience, you need to assess your readiness, process and posture, and then define an action plan.

Based on the leading NIST Cyber Security Framework


The best way to safeguard against attacks is to discover your vulnerabilities before they are exploited.

Based on the leading NIST Cyber Security Framework 


Use advanced analytics to detect attacks coming from outside your enterprise and investigate active threats hiding inside.

Based on the leading NIST Cyber Security Framework 


Remediate attack damage by responding effectively with the smartest cyber incident responders and threat intelligence.

Based on the leading NIST Cyber Security Framework 


Get your enterprise back online and operating optimally by recovering access to mission-critical data and applications.

Based on the leading NIST Cyber Security Framework 

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Understand the issues

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A deep dive into the emerging cybercrime trends for the year.

Transform your continuity strategies

Learn how organisations like yours are addressing critical application risks arising from complex, hybrid IT environments.

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