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What are the best practices for requirements management?

Industry research shows that 47 percent of projects fail due to poor requirements management. Leading enterprises identify end user needs, collaborate across stakeholders, and establish a shared understanding of constraints through the lifecycle, resulting in traceability and visibility of changes to reduce redundancy and ambiguity. 


Requirements engineering & management with Watson AI

Enhance engineering requirements management with Watson AI

A new feature within IBM's Engineering requirements management solution, Requirements Quality Assistant, uses Watson AI to improve engineering requirements quality.

Facilitate dynamic traceability of requirements

Today’s products are vastly more complicated than their predecessors, meaning engineers have to deal with an avalanche of design requirements. It takes an entirely new approach to manage the volume and complexity of requirements, critical to verification, compliance and traceability.

Accelerate time to market

Collaborate in real-time across design teams with visibility to requirements and critical relationships. Effective requirements management reduces development costs by 57 percent and costs of quality by 69 percent, while accelerating time to market by 20 percent.   

Accelerate time to market with requirments engineering & management

Adopt a strategic approach to outpace your competitors

Past approaches to requirements management may not be sophisticated enough for complex, connected, IoT-enabled products. Leading companies start with a strategic approach to requirements management that will transform their products into functional and connected systems. 

All systems engineering solutions

IBM Requirements Management

Capture, trace, analyze and improve requirements of connected products

Agile software development

Innovate faster with agile software development and delivery

Model-based system engineering

Improves the manageability of engineering projects

Test management

Reduce time to market without sacrificing quality

Functional safety and compliance

Enhance compliance management across your product development lifecycle

Client success

Mercedes-Benz embraces digital transformation with requirements management tools

Learn how Mercedes-Benz is re-engineering the way its teams work by using IBM Engineering Lifecycle Management tools to save time while innovating next-generation systems for customers around the world.

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