Process mapping tools and solutions

Ditch the sticky notes on the way to seeing and understanding better business processes

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Why process mapping tools are important

Process mapping tools enable you to take the first step to any automation strategy. The tools help nontechnical people work across departments to see a process landscape.

Inefficient processes cost you time and money. Bottlenecks, complexities and a lack of understanding mask opportunities for process improvement. Process modeling helps you gain better visibility into business operations so you can create efficiencies at scale. What's your process mapping maturity?


Eliminate your silos

Engage cross-organizational subject matter experts to document and design better processes.

Optimize business operations

Analyze existing processes to identify areas of improvement quickly and easily.

Keep a single version of truth

Store process maps in a common tool so you have an updated record of business operations.



Process mapping software solutions

Easily collaborate to improve your business process mapping with IBM Blueworks Live — cloud-based software that provides a dedicated, anywhere environment.

Explore the full set of IBM automation solutions to speed all types of work at scale.

Case studies

If you are using Visio to model processes, save yourself and start using Blueworks'll never turn back once you do. You can model processes quickly, share them easily and diagram decisions well. See IBM Blueworks Live reviews on G2


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