Why modernize now?

Why modernize now?

Modernization upgrades are now available for users of IBM Db2®, IBM DataStage®, IBM SPSS® Modeler, IBM CPLEX® Decision Optimization, IBM Cognos® Analytics, IBM Planning Analytics and more. Embrace a modern, containerized data and AI platform to scale AI throughout your business with IBM Cloud Pak® for Data and the Red Hat® OpenShift® Container Platform. 

Modernize at your own pace by using IBM Cloud Pak for Data in tandem with your current product, a containerized version of your current product or switch over completely. Modernization can save you money today and give you the agility you need to stay competitive in uncertain times by helping you:

  • Optimize economics across any cloud with common data foundation.
  • Achieve up to 25% operational cost savings through efficient cloud-native infrastructure¹
  • Gain potential AI revenue growth of up to 45%².
  • Simplify data access with intelligent data virtualization.
  • Put integrated governance, security and cataloging at the center of your information architecture to access trusted business-ready data fast.
  • Bring transparency and governance to AI models while automating AI model development.
  • Increase the value of your investment with flexible licensing and bonus IBM Cloud Pak for Data platform entitlements.
Welcome to the Modernization Upgrade program
Welcome to the Modernization Upgrade program
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Welcome to the Modernization Upgrade program (10:31)

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IBM Db2 modernization upgrade

Modernize your data management and infrastructure to better extract insights from your data with IBM Db2 on IBM Cloud Pak for Data. Enable AI optimization and digital transformation. Translate queries across vendors, languages, locations and structures. Deploy on premises or any cloud. Obtain actionable insights from data for AI development and applications. Db2 is enterprise ready with leading-edge capabilities that support mission critical workloads.

IBM DataStage modernization upgrade

The IBM DataStage data integration solution on IBM Cloud Pak cleanses and delivers trusted data anywhere, at any scale and complexity, on and across multi and hybrid cloud environments. Save on data movement costs by bringing ETL to your data. Reduce storage costs by storing only the data you trust and use. Increase the productivity of your business and IT users through automated job design and integration with Netezza®, IBM Db2 or cloud data warehouses, data virtualization or DataOps services.

IBM Watson Studio Premium modernization upgrade

Rev up your innovation engine while keeping the lights on. Extend your existing IBM ILOG® CPLEX Optimization Studio or IBM SPSS Modeler investments so you can build data and AI services with prediction and optimization on a modern data and AI platform. The IBM Watson® Studio Premium modernization upgrade helps you build on your success while modernizing data science at your own pace.

IBM Cognos Analytics modernization upgrade

With IBM Cognos Analytics on IBM Cloud Pak for Data, installation and configuration is simplified and accelerated. Deploy in minutes instead of hours.

IBM Planning Analytics modernization upgrade

Upgrade your planning and analytics to a cloud-native data and AI platform. IBM Planning Analytics powered by IBM TM1® helps you maintain your existing IT strategy with the flexibility to deploy across any cloud or multi-cloud environment. Run on TM1 servers or on any operating system. Modernize at your own pace while leveraging your existing on-premises investments.

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