STEM for Girls

An initiative by IBM in India to improve education and career pathways for girls in schools. Join us to change the lives of these young students.

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    Our initiative

    Under the STEM Initiative, over the last 3 years IBM has reached out to more than 275,000 girls and 150,000 boys.

    IBM has enabled girls to pursue STEM pathways through scholarships, career counselling, creating experiential learning experiences.

    Opening The Consciousness To New
    Possibilities (1:56)
    India's percentage of scientists, engineers and technologists who are women
    Global percentage of scientists, engineers and technologists who are women
    Jobs in the next decade that will require STEM
    STEM careers offer higher pay and longevity

    STEM for Girls India 2021
    Partnership Ecosystem

    # of students
    • 1.   Punjab: 8,000
    • 2.   Haryana: 10,000
    • 3.   Rajasthan: 35,000
    • 4.   Gujarat: 20,000
    • 5.   Karnataka: 45,000
    • 6.   Andhra Pradesh: 20,000
    • 7.   Telangana: 40,000
    • 8.   Odisha: 20,000
    • 9.   Bihar: 10,000
    • 10. Assam: 10,000
    • 11. Uttarakhand: 17,500
    • 12. Nagaland: 12,605
    • 13. Arunachal Pradesh: 13,500
    STEM for Girls Partnership Ecosystem Map in India 2021

    Transformation strategies

    Role Model Interactions (RMI)
    Interactions with successful women
    Guide students about career pathways and practical decision-making
    311 RMIs for 126,700 students in 7 states in 3 years
    Hackathons including INSPIRE Manak
    Students undergo an Ideathon process
    Participate in Hackathons to build prototypes of their ideas
    139 student prototypes have qualified for INSPIRE Manak awards
    Pico Satellite Launch
    Training girls in Satellite, drone and space technology
    135 girls trained in Uttarkhand in 2021
    140 girls trained in Haryana in 2022
    Satellite and Drone launches in 2 states respectively
    Self-awareness, gender-awareness
    Computational thinking skills
    Career-awareness of young students, especially girls
    Approx. $186,000 granted in scholarships to 284 girls and 147 boys
    Teacher capacity building
    System driven change
    Interactive learning for teachers to become 21st century facilitators
    Enable teachers to champion the cause of STEM education
    7,000+ teachers will be trained in the coming year
    Exposure visits
    20 STEM for Girls students underwent an immersive workshop on biological sciences at the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore
    Attended lectures, conducted laboratory experiments, and visited the facility
    Engaged in research-based, experiential study
    Boosting Interest in STEM careers

    Breaking stereotypes

    We are very proud of our commitment to improve the skills of young girls and boys who are in schools across India.

    We are also arming these girls with the skills they need, to make a difference to communities in which they live and the world at large—solving challenges and driving stewardship with good tech.

    “India’s huge talent pool has an amazing opportunity to contribute to our country’s tech prowess. IBM’s collaboration with state governments will help girls participate and become future-ready — better aligned with market shifts and industry needs.”

    Sandip Patel

    IBM India/South Asia
    General Manager

    The IBM STEM for Girls program embraces one of the most important stake holders in a student's journey - their parents. Watch how through a story telling process, students are inducted into the world of coding and share their dreams to their parents.

    Parents towards strengthening
    STEM Ecosystems (1:18)

    Case studies