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University Faculty

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What our learners are doing

From high school students to professionals looking for reskilling, our programs are meeting learners at all stages of their careers.

Christian Stevenson

(IBM SkillsBuild) - North Carolina

Christian completed IBM’s SkillsBuild Blockchain Curriculum, along with other additional training and bootcamps, after deciding to make a career change during the pandemic. Less than two months later, he secured a job as a blockchain programmer.

Adriana Cifuentes

(P-TECH + IBM apprenticeship) - Connecticut

Adriana has a strong passion for all things art, but also wanted to explore careers in tech. She was able to combine these two interests by studying web design at P-TECH and joining IBM’s UX Design Apprenticeship after graduation.

Everardo Guiterrez

(P-TECH + IBM apprenticeship) - Chicago

Everardo was first exposed to tech as a student in the P-TECH program. After graduation, he deepened his knowledge of coding by obtaining a bachelor’s degree in IT and computer science. This past year he joined IBM as a software engineer apprentice.

Yen-Hsiang Tseng

(SkillsBuild for Students) - Taiwan

Yen-Hsiang learned about IBM SkillsBuild for Students from his IT teacher, and within two months earned 9 badges on the platform. He loves how SkillsBuild is an organized and integrated platform with rich content that allows him to learn freely and gain industry-recognized badges. He plans on continuing to use the platform to supplement his studies in college.

Wen-Chi Wang

(SkillsBuild for Teachers) - Taiwan

Wen-Chi is the library director at one of IBM’s STEM for Girls partner high schools. She loves the Python curriculum on IBM SkillsBuild because it provides accessible content that allows students to learn at their own pace.

Rodney Sampson

OHUB (New SkillsBuild for Adult learners Partner)

“Opportunity Hub is excited to double click on its work to bring Black, Latinx & Indigenous Americans and beyond into technology, startup and venture ecosystem in collaboration with IBM and SkillsBuild. Let’s create an equitable future, together!”