As our data scientists continued to develop predictive and prescriptive models to help industries grasp the dynamics of COVID-19, the results were too good not to share.

Krino. A new way of conveying the AI insights our team surfaces by sharing AI-driven stories.

Krino uses storytelling to translate AI model outcomes into meaningful narratives that help you understand the results, without needing technical skills to filter through lines of code. With this series, we hope to surface new insights and provide a framework to help you see through an AI lens.

The Krino vision

Krino, an ancient Greek verb, is at the origin of the word crisis. Krino means to separate, to discern. More broadly, translated, it conveys the idea of judgement or evaluation of a specific situation where a distinct separation between moments calls for strong decision-making. Read more.

How Many Patients Will Come Through The Doors?

A dataset is like a small, dirty window that you can’t open because someone else super-glued it shut. This window has a view of one side of the street below. Maybe the window has extra smudges here and there, and perhaps the blinds are halfway closed. Would you say you had a full idea of everything going on in the street from that one dirty window? Probably not. Read more.