Krino Vision

A vision for a better alliance between humans and artificial intelligence

Krino, an ancient Greek verb, is at the origin of the word crisis. Krino means to separate, to discern. More broadly, translated, it conveys the idea of judgement or evaluation of a specific situation where a distinct separation between moments calls for strong decision-making.

A call to action in a moment of crisis

Though the word crisis today assumes a negative connotation, krino itself used to embody a positive nuance. It did not refer to the fear of change that may block people: on the contrary, it calls people to action. A moment of crisis, a moment in which you have to reflect, discern and evaluate, can become the premise for improvement and a complete rebirth. This is what drives Krino, as a vision project driven by AI: the hope for a rebirth of our society after this pandemic. 

To thrive again after this immensely tough time, we need to embrace new lenses with which we use to interpret the changes occurring in the new world through the COVID-19 pandemic. We have to design new ways to use the data we collect, and new solutions that are built upon that data, to be empowered to make more informed decisions in times dominated by a high level of uncertainty.

Working with data carries a huge responsibility towards society. That’s why there is no better point in time than now, to start experimenting with new ways to communicate the information hidden in the data and use it to improve people’s lives. In this hazy world, we want to step in with our skills and knowledge in data science and AI to shed a light on the confusion, fear and uncertainty of the IBM clients and, broadly, of people in need of help.

Krino has been conceived as a new concept that sits at the intersection of IBM’s expertise in data and AI and its great sense of responsibility regarding the effect of data technologies on society, from trust to security to ethics.

Illustration by Rachael Dottle

A framework for society

We are at a point of separation from the past, the world is going to change on many levels, and the way we are informed together with it. The vision behind the stories we are producing has the purpose to start spreading a new awareness toward AI.  The vision behind Krino underpins every AI driven story we'll be publishing: the purpose is to offer a service for society while—through innovation and experimentation—sparking the conversation around how to truly exploit artificial intelligence and data science towards improving lives through new storytelling techniques. 

We, as the IBM Data Science and AI Elite Team, have been developing AI models in response to governments, organizations, companies and people’s questions. Through those models we recognize it is crucial to understand how factors and circumstances can differently impact our lives over this pandemic.

With the vision of Krino in mind, we want to inform people by translating the insights generated from models into stories that reveal actionable knowledge, in order to help everyone put facts in context. We want to provide a framework to better see through these insights, to obtain a clearer understanding of how the changes that hit cities, services, job market and ultimately the people might impact our habits and behaviors. Additionally, by giving voice to experts that design and develop AI solutions, we want to reveal how much uncertainty they have to cope with when it comes to handling data. 

Applying the power of storytelling

As part of the IBM Data Science and AI Elite team, we have been translating the outcomes generated by AI models into stories for many IBM clients, to help them fathom and visualize the core benefits of AI which, too often, remain buried under lines of code and numbers. Now, we want to use our expertise to go beyond the reality of the business and help a broader spectrum of people and communities navigate the uncertainty of this moment. 

Stories are the core of journalism: yet now it’s time to apply the power of storytelling to how a leading company in trusted and transparent data can help inform people with its skills, experts and technologies.

Media companies and journalism outlets have been the main sources of information. However we foresee a change in this paradigm, given that these days, whoever owns data can be a source of information. We want to ensure these new sources of information are backed by the trust and transparency IBM believes in. The separation between who does and who does not own the right to create information, will no longer be based on the type of business a company conducts, but on the values underlying actions and initiatives adopted to solve problems with data and help communities.

Above all, we want to contribute to the conversation of our culture and our time around data, by experimenting with AI and models.

We don’t have it all figured out. We are on a journey with you, trying to navigate at best the same problems everyone is facing. However, we want to offer our skills and expertise in AI and data science to do something, because we know that even a small act can mean everything to someone else.