To meet the global challenge of COVID-19, the world must come together. IBM has resources to share — like supercomputing power, virus tracking and an AI assistant to answer citizens’ questions.

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In a global crisis, the right solutions can help you navigate uncertainty, adapt to changing conditions and become more resilient

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The COVID-19 coronavirus presents an unprecedented, global challenge. When citizens are doing their part by social distancing, healthcare workers and first responders are taking care of many of us, and our governments are mobilizing resources to respond to this crisis, we’ve asked ourselves what can we do at IBM? Of course, we are taking care of our employees to protect their health and safety — and they enable us to take care of our clients around the world, sustaining the digital operations of the world’s most critical organizations. But we know we can do more.

So, we are marshaling our resources and bringing together the right communities of experts — clients, governments, scientists, developers, partners, academic institutions, health agencies and IBMers — to work together, and manage through the COVID-19 outbreak with what we do best — applying data, knowledge, computing power and insights to solve difficult problems. Here, we’ll update you on our initiatives — and more will be added as we make progress.

Together, as a community, we can find our way through this. IBM and IBMers are with you.

IBM Think Leadership live stream

Join us for this series of peer-to-peer live discussions with the IBM leaders who are guiding our company and our clients through unprecedented change. Each executive will share their own experiences and insights from managing the impact of COVID-19 and describe how they are navigating a new normal.

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