Be Equal

The events of 2020 forever changed many things. As a society and within IBM, we are just beginning to comprehend the implications of these changes.

While IBM has been a leader in corporate diversity and inclusion for decades, we see 2020 as a reset, and look forward to 2021 and beyond with a renewed conviction and deeper commitment.

Arvind Kirshna

“I fundamentally believe that as we continue to uphold the values of diversity, inclusion, and equity, we will make IBM a better and stronger company.”

Arvind Krishna
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, IBM

A catalyst for change

In 2020, the convergence of racial injustice and the global pandemic amplified the stark need for swift and greater progress from society and businesses.

Even though IBM has a rich heritage in diversity and inclusion, we are still learning and growing. We have work to do as we look to the future, and our progress requires improvement for where we want to be. This is especially true in today’s IBM, as we aim to be the gold standard in good tech, leading positive change in the world.

A year in review

Carla Grant Pickens

“While IBM has a rich heritage in diversity and inclusion, we are still learning, growing, and making progress.”

Carla Grant Pickens
Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer, IBM

Our vision for diversity
and inclusion at IBM

We are at the beginning of an entirely new journey of diversity and inclusion to drive systemic change in our company, across our industry and in society. We are channeling what 2020 taught us into outcome-oriented, rigorous actions. In this report, we share stories of IBMers that show how life-changing diversity and inclusion in action can be. We also outline our actions in four strategic areas:


IBM works to drive systemic change that creates opportunity for diverse communities.


IBM provides training and support to help every IBMer be an upstander through inclusive behaviors.


IBM champions all diverse communities of IBMers and supports every employee to thrive and bring their authentic selves to work.


IBM harnesses data transparency and AI to enable accountability, action and outcomes for increased diversity representation and inclusion at every level of our company.

Understanding the

Sustained progress starts by understanding and acknowledging economic inequality. To drive greater understanding that spurs action across businesses and industries. IBM’s Institute for Business Value looks deeply at the challenges facing diverse groups:

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Read the full report to see our actions, read about IBMer experiences, hear from our leaders, and explore our programs for diversity and inclusion.