Be Equal


Native Americans have been contributing to IBM’s inclusive culture for over three decades. Through individual and company support, IBM shares a deeper understanding and appreciation of Native/Indigenous peoples. We are helping to elevate IBM as an appealing place to work for the Native/Indigenous population.

Be Outspoken

“IBM recognizes the talents that this community can bring to IBM”

Barbara Schepp
Services Cost Manager and Native American Council Member, IBM


  • 574

    tribal sovereign nations within the U.S.¹
  • 1.7%

    5.2 million people (or 1.7% of the US population) identify as AI/AN (American Indian / Alaska Native).¹
  • 2/3

    Nearly 2/3 of reservation lands were taken from tribal nations and given to settlers (as a result of the General Allotment Act of 1887).¹


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