Be Equal


The Hispanic community in IBM has achieved an amazing history of impact in our communities and company in the areas of education, mentorship and creating opportunities for Hispanic talent. At IBM, we lead and participate on teams that drive innovation by bringing our diverse backgrounds to the conversation. Together, we are bolder and continue to develop leaders.


  • 18%

    U.S. population is Hispanic.¹
  • 4.3%

    Executive positions are occupied by Hispanics.²
  • 67%

    Hispanics who say that they have to work harder to succeed because of their Hispanic identity.³


We’re teaming with external organizations devoted to making a difference, leveraging research and offering resources to our employees.


Making the digital era an inclusive era
IBM Chairman Ginni Rometty explores the future of education, skills development and the digital workforce in the post-COVID-19 era with musician, businessman, and philanthropist