Be Equal


We champion people with diverse abilities and the previously untapped potential they bring to the workplace. People with diverse abilities have training, education and experience to offer. Diverse Abilities include visual, hearing, motor and cognitive, or neurodiversity, a concept where neurological differences such as Autism, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity, and Dyslexia, are to be recognized and respected as any other human variation. By embracing people with diverse abilities and tapping their potential, we put people of all abilities at the center of IBM's success. IBM is dedicated to hiring, supporting, educating and embracing people of all abilities.


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  • 16%

    of the world's population, more than 1 billion people, experience a significant disability today. Disability is part of being human and is integral to the human experience.¹
  • 1:20

    people are neurodivergent. Neurological differences include autism, attention deficit hyperactivity, dyslexia and more.²
  • 80%

    of disabilities are invisible³


We’re teaming with external organizations devoted to making a difference, leveraging research and offering resources to our employees


IBM and IBMers stand with the Neurodiverse community and call for change to ensure equality


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