Be Equal


We come together as Black IBMers and work to realize IBM values for all members of our community. Our collective voice pushes to inspire, promote and support current and future generations of Black leaders within IBM and our communities.

Be Outspoken

Nigel Prentice

“It’s a signal to the world that we can create a better society going forward, just by taking a look at who we hire, how we hire, how we promote, and how we are authentic to the very value of equity.”

Nigel Pretence
Design Director for Digital Growth and Commerce, Chair for IBM’s Racial Equity in Design Initiative


Meet Black community members paving the way at IBM.


  • 25%

    Bachelor’s degrees in STEM fields earned by African Americans from HBCUs.¹
  • 11.1%

    Black board members of Fortune 100 Companies.²


IBM and IBMers stand with the Black community and call for change to ensure racial equality.


We’re teaming with external organizations devoted to making a difference, leveraging research and offering resources to our employees.