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About The IBM Alpha Zone accelerator

The program highlights:

Is my company in the “right” lifecycle stage to apply for the IBM Alpha Zone Accelerator?

We select companies in all stages of development. We prefer companies with a formalized prototype or a more advanced development phase. From a funding perspective, there is no limitation, but we are more focused on post Seed & Round A funded companies.

How do you choose which companies to accept into the program?

We will choose talented founders who can solve real business problems or create meaningful innovations. Strong applications will include:

Can you tell me more about the networking and educational opportunities?

The program will include Meetups in which mentors will speak about relevant topics and enrich participants. Meetups will be hosted by highly successful entrepreneurs, angel investors, legal experts, venture capitalists, and investment bankers. Occasionally, Meetups will include a brief presentation followed by a Q&A session by a CEO or CTO of a well-known local startup. In addition, leading executives and technical experts from IBM will visit companies on a regular basis and provide feedback and significant opportunities for their business. These Meetups are intended to be informal and provide time for companies to personally interact with various mentors across a diversified field.

Will all the mentors come from IBM?

No. While IBM will contribute mentors, additional mentors are successful entrepreneurs and investors who are experts in Big Data, Analytics, IoT, Mobile and Cloud delivered applications or related technologies. Our main goal is to provide significant industry knowledge and investor support for the selected companies.

Do I need to send in a business plan?

No, we do not require business plans. We only require each applicant to fill out an online application. However, we recommend including a Business Plan and a Company Presentation, since these documents provide a more comprehensive understanding of your application.

Where is the IBM Alpha Zone Accelerator office located and what is the schedule for selected companies?

The IBM Alpha Zone Accelerator location is in IBM Israel HQ at Azorim Park in Petach Tikva. Each company sets its own schedule and office hours.

How does IBM Alpha Zone office space look like?

Take a quick look through the pictures. (Click on image below to enlarge.)

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What if my company doesn’t ultimately succeed?

Our program provides each company the best opportunity for success. We believe The IBM Alpha Zone Accelerator program will be an important milestone for you and the founding team and an impressive resume achievement. The experience, knowledge and network connections from your participation in the program will help bring success in future endeavors.

How does a company apply for the IBM Alpha Zone Accelerator?

Please complete an application at  //

What is the Expected Timeline?

What do I need to do in addition to submitting my application?

While we review the applications you might want to register for the Cloud Program for Startups as it is a mandatory criteria for the companies who gets into Alpha Zone accelerator.

Useful links:

While we review the applications you might want to register for two program as they are a mandatory criteria for the companies who gets into the program.

Please contact us if you have any additional questions which have not been answered here.