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ArcusTeam - Automated Platform for detecting vulnerabilities on ANY IoT device. IoT Software Development requires the highest levels of Security & Vulnerability protection. The ArcusTeam Vulnerabilities Detection Platform (VDP) was specifically designed for IoT software development to protect against known and unknown vulnerabilities, while simultaneously providing visibility, management and control.


Automat-IT is a DevOps software solution company, Its flagship product EaaS is an automatic, self-service and fast Environment as a Service to provision and manage Dev, QA, Demo, Training and Prod environments. Designed for Kubernetes, and supporting public, private, hybrid clouds, as well as all major APIs, the legacy, the new, and what’s coming next. EaaS is particularly impactful over IBM products, as its bridges between the legacy and the new, with Kubernetes, and simplifies automatic and self-service environment creation and management over IBM Cloud and ICP (IBM Cloud Private).


Change Labs launched an award-winning A.I that closely monitors transactional bank accounts, identifies behavioral patterns and predicts immediate financial issues & opportunities to enable banks to proactively address those events with its existing banking services.


DayTwo is the leading Microbiome-Based Precision Medicine company, developing personalized nutrition, diagnostic, and therapeutic solutions using artificial intelligence and machine learning. We have the largest full-shotgun database of the gut-microbiome in the world. The database is the foundation for the DayTwo Human Discovery Platform™ to identify precision medicine therapies, diagnostics, and care solutions for metabolic and other diseases.

INVIOU it's on record

INVioU’s fintech platform provides a disruptive solution to the barriers of the SME invoice financing and factoring industry. Unlike the existing cumbersome and costly solutions, a digital factoring marketplace built on INVioU’s blockchain platform is offering instant optimized financing, propelled by a community network effect, highly beneficial to all stakeholders. In addition, INVioU’s platform is a catalyst for financial records related blockchain applications such as reporting and trading.


Jeeng is an AI powered personalized messaging platform that enables businesses to distribute messages via multiple channels such as push notifications, in-app notifications, and newsletters based on user profiling in real time. Our platform enables businesses to send relevant content to users based on profile analysis, user behavior and data driven triggers. Jeeng provides a powerful way to connect with users and bridges the gap between content distribution and user engagement.


Neurotech is a leader in the space of Attention. We designed and validated a game-based, on-line, Attention Profiling Engine (“APE”) that can accurately create over 250 distinct attentional profiles of users. Our first product, MOXO d-CPT™ is already leading the market of ADHD diagnosis with 250,000 tests sold and used to date, but our APE has substantial potential in additional fields such as education, HR and life-skills.


OrpheusMedical is a Clinical Video Management and Analytics Platform that helps healthcare providers solve clinical compliance, care continuum and workflow efficiency problems across the enterprise by connecting video and imaging modalities to the Electronic Medical Records.


Replix provides organizations with a real-time data distribution and synchronization platform for their multi cloud architecture. Allowing full data and application mobility across clouds helps bring IT cost down while increasing efficiency, resiliency and overall productivity.


SNDBOX has developed the first AI malware research platform designed to push the boundaries of malware classification and detection solutions. Designed by researchers for researchers, SNDBOX is passionate to offer our undetectable kernel driver analysis capabilities with AI and big-data insights to everyone.
SNDBOX solution is designed to scale up research times, accelerates incident response and eliminates false positives


Timing disrupts the service industry and changes the way customers feel about in-home services. Timing’s dynamic scheduling’s technology involve best of breed optimization and Machine learning and empower service providers to improve efficiency while offering a new level of service experience to their clients.