Learn about supply chain orchestration with a modern control tower

Act with confidence with supply chain visibility insights

IBM® Sterling Supply Chain Insights is an AI-enabled solution that delivers real-time intelligence to optimize supply chain performance by quickly correlating data from siloed systems, capturing organizational knowledge and creating digital playbooks.

The solution is a critical part of the IBM Sterling Supply Chain Suite, powering both the Intelligence Services and purpose-built Control Tower capabilities. The IBM Sterling Inventory Control Tower, built with Supply Chain Insights to accelerate time to value, provides intelligent insights to see, manage and more effectively act on inventory and mitigate disruptions to meet actual demand.

Supply Chain Intelligence Services leverages composable data and AI services that are trained in supply chain and open to developers. Developers can create purpose-built control towers using Control Tower Solution Blueprints to accelerate data integration.

Benefits of IBM Sterling Supply Chain Insights with Watson

Deepen visibility and collaboration

Gain end-to-end visibility across systems and partners and optimize collaboration to align supply chain operations to customer needs — drive up to 95% efficiency when tackling recurring challenges.

Mitigate disruptions

Proactively predict, assess and mitigate disruptions and risks to enable a more resilient supply chain and safeguard your brand — reducing disruption mitigation time from days to minutes.

Reduce costs

Use data-driven insights that uncover savings opportunities you couldn’t see before to increase efficiencies and reduce costs — improving productivity by reducing information retrieval time by 90%.

Key features of Supply Chain Insights

  • Personalized dashboard with 360º visibility
  • Watson-assisted decision making and collaboration
  • Inventory Control Tower Solution built with SCI
  • Access to Control Tower Solution Blueprint - logistics
  • AI trained in the language of supply chain
  • Open and rapid integration of data sources
  • Security and privacy in the cloud
  • Get started quickly with our Fast Start program

Supply chain control towers

Purpose-built control towers

A single view of processes and data from disparate sources, and an AI-powered, personalized dashboard of KPIs and events to easily understand, prioritize and resolve critical issues in real time.


Proactively monitors and manages network inventory availability and responds to disruptions during peak periods and promotion events.


Proactively monitors and manages the movement of goods through the supply chain and across international borders.

Supply Chain Insights in action