What it can do for your business

Planning Analytics is an enterprise planning software platform that can transform your planning cycle. To get your platform configured more efficiently and with optimal performance, why not supplement your in-house staff with up to eight (8) hours of remote assistance from a Senior Support Specialist capable of evaluating and executing necessary tasks that are outside the scope of standard support. After gaining an understanding of your configuration and requirements, they provide troubleshooting tips and configuration advice to help you achieve your desired business outcomes and expand your capabilities to meet your business goals.
IBM Support Value Add Offering for Planning Analytics Configuration

Resolves challenges faster

Save time, remove obstacles and optimize the performance of your enterprise planning software platform with personalized configuration advice and troubleshooting tips from a TM1 Specialist.

Improve deployment efficiency

Engage with a TM1 Specialist who understands your IT challenges and provides tactical advice to help you minimize disruptions and reduce time spent on enhancing your configuration.

Enrich your knowledge and capabilities

In preparation for your next installation, receive guidance on system requirements, prerequisites and features to consider to enhance your configuration.

Key features

  • Personalized technical advice
  • Flexible support
  • Engage with a Support Specialist
  • Block hours of support