Six good reasons to use these services

Hardware Support for your IBM Z equipment

Get the support you need with these options: basic proactive support, electronic downloading for specific fixes, IBM Z tool support, optional around the clock assistance, failed media retention, and more.

IBM Z on-off capacity on demand

Enable temporary hardware capacity by day instead of paying full-time. Turn on and off additional processing units when needed. Pay additional charges only for days the units are on.

IBM LinuxONE elastic pricing

Take advantage of the IBM pricing capability that can save you money and reduce capital expenditures. Choose the pay-for-use model – either through a fixed lease or a variable usage payment. Or select the utility pricing model where a contracted usage rate is based on your configuration.

Alert and resolve for IBM Z

Improve IBM Z uptime with automatic notification of crucial software problems and real time access to databases and fixes.

Expert service delivery

IBM has the expertise you need to support your IT environment. We have 19,000 worldwide support employees who handle over six million annual service requests – along with more than 30 years of multivendor support experience. We are committed to providing rapid response in the event of downtime to get you back up and running with minimal impact to your business.

Innovative technologies for faster, better response

IBM supports over 30,000 different IT devices, including IBM Z Mainframes. To meet your IT maintenance needs, IBM Technology Support Services uses advanced tools such as augmented reality, the cognitive capabilities of IBM Watson®, predictive maintenance and blockchain. These technologies help to prevent more problems, quickly identify and resolve issues, lower IT costs, and simplify IT maintenance. We help to optimize availability so your team can focus on your business goals.

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