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Linux has been the world’s fastest growing server operating system for a number of years and is now a major player in the global IT market, driving a multitude of new levels of efficiency, security, adaptiveness, and integration. IBM® LinuxONE™ Rockhopper™ is designed to support thousands of virtual machines, has the ability to serve vast amounts of data, and provides real-time insight and scalable sub-second transactional capability.

Reduce TCO: Control the cost of growth

IBM LinuxONE Rockhopper can deliver savings for your IT infrastructure by consolidating workloads and lowering software license and system administration costs. In fact, you can achieve lower TCO and faster ROI with 65% cost savings over x86. See ho you can pay for what you need when you need it with elastic pricing - and speed your implementation with financing.

Prioritize security: Integrated set of secure capabilities

Rockhopper provides privacy for transactions and sensitive data by employing a dedicated cryptographic coprocessor, the CP Assist for Cryptographic Function (CPACF), which delivers cryptographic and hashing capabilities in support of clear-key operations. Exclusive to CPACF is the protected key support which provides the speed of processor based cryptography while helping to keep sensitive keys private from applications and the operating system.

Increase scalablity without sprawl

Rockhopper instantaneously allocates resources to handle massive swings in data, users and transactions. It is designed to host large databases in memory without splitting data sets into shards, and increases performance by avoiding latency in accessing data. Get all of this in a highly optimized, maintainable footprint.

Compare performance: Over 2x faster than x86

IBM LinuxONE is the highest performing Linux server and has the industry’s fastest processor. LinuxONE Rockhopper has up to 20 cores. See 9 more reasons why LinuxONE is better than x86.

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Customer case studies

Huaxia Express: Cloud service provder uses IBM LinuxONE for transportation e-tickets

Everledger & Diamonds: Building a Secure Blockchain

How customers use it

  • IBM LinuxONE: UK Met Office Weathering the Storm


    Critical role of technology to predict weather to protect lives, property and the national interest


    Graham Mallin, Executive Head of Technology, Met Office and -¬‐ Richard Lawrence, Enterprise IT Architect, Met Office join WIRED Brand Lab Editor Jim Daly to discuss how Met Office uses LinuxONE for reliable weather forecasting .

  • IBM LinuxONE: Avoid Travel Delays and Breaking New Ground


    Utilization of large-scale structured and unstructured data to react to air travel delays


    Donna Dillenberger, IBM Research Fellow, demonstrates the use of the LinuxONE server using deep analytics and massive scalability to help millions of stranded travelers.

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