Learn more about IMS Problem Investigator for z/OS

Determine problems interactively

Perform a simple log analysis using the powerful log record formatter and advanced navigation features found in IMS™ Problem Investigator for z/OS®. Adjust the display using forms and filters. Use the find feature to search with ease.

Track the transaction

Connect and display all the log records associated with a transaction so you can easily analyze the problem.

Drill down for in-depth analysis

Drill down to the log record field level with built-in online help. Use the REXX command interface to perform customized log record analysis and extract.

Format and present log data from multiple sources

It uses the following sources: 1) IMS Log and IMS Monitor data sets, 2) Common Queue Server (CQS) log stream and extracts, 3) OMEGAMON® ATF, 4) Db2® and IBM MQ. 5) IMS Transaction Index and IMS Connect Transaction Index – produced by IMS Performance Analyzer and 6) IMS Connect and IMS Connect Extensions event data – via the IMS Connect Extensions journal. Navigate, investigate and analyze records and transactions – without requiring an expert understanding of log data structures.