What IMS Performance Solution Pack can do for your business

The IBM® IMS™ Performance Solution Pack for z/OS® combines the features and functions of IMS Connect Extensions for z/OS, IMS Performance Analyzer for z/OS and the IMS Problem Investigator. The three integrated products provide complete analysis of IMS transactions for database analysts (DBAs). This combination of tools delivers productivity for problem analysts, efficient IMS application performance, improved IMS resource utilization and high system availability.

Identify performance problems

Quickly identify or eliminate IMS Connect as the source of performance problems and then determine whether the problem is in OTMA, MQ, DB2, shared queues, or other subsystems.

Utilize IMS logs to pinpoint issues

Automatically select and combine IMS Connect Extensions journals with IMS logs to view only those records from the time of day that a problem occurred.

Analyze transaction performance

Use IMS Problem Investigator to browse sections in the IMS log where poorly performing transactions are found using an accounting index generated by IMS Performance Analyzer.

Enhance IMS performance

Get improved productivity for problem analysts, more efficient IMS application performance, improved IMS resource utilization, and higher system availability.

Meet Service Level Agreements

Avoid missed service level agreements by making sure your IMS systems are always running at peak performance.

IMS Performance Solution Pack for z/OS features

  • Dynamic TCP/IP management
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • Records and transactions analysis
  • Integrated support for IMS Open Access