Feature spotlights

Private cloud management

Request cloud resources quickly and deploy virtual machines with approval policies to control the provisioning of cloud resources. The OpenStack-based IBM Cloud Power VC Manager, integrated with the Power E870C server, provides you with self-service cloud portal management capabilities.

Cloud-based HMC Apps as a Service

Aggregate Power Systems’ performance and inventory data from across your enterprise, removing the burden of manual collection and aggregation of system information. These IBM developed applications are hosted in a secure cloud and provide health state, geotagging and threshold alerts that can be accessed via a secure portal from clients’ mobile devices. When you purchase a new Power E850C, E870C or E880C, you receive to this new service offering for no additional charge.

Cloud automation and configuration tooling for AIX®

Enable cloud automation with key packages, including chef automation for configuration, deployment, and management; yum package management with repository access from both ftp and https protocols (rpm is also updated to enable automatic dependency discovery); and cloud-init and all dependencies in the repository with support for licensed AIX users.

Hybrid infrastructure management tools

Manage both of your private cloud VMs and your public cloud VMs from a single, integrated management tool. Power Systems OpenStack-based PowerVC management upwardly integrates into a variety of third-party hybrid cloud orchestration products, including IBM Cloud Orchestrator, VMware® vRealize®, and others.

Connect to cloud-native applications

Rapidly develop new applications and services, accelerating your time-to-value. IBM's API Connect and IBM WebSphere® Connect provide secure connectivity to cloud-based applications. Our Power to Cloud services help you get started and design new applications leveraging IBM's Cloud to rapidly build, deploy, and manage your cloud applications, while tapping a growing ecosystem of available services and runtime frameworks.

IBM Cloud Starter Pack

Get started with your hybrid cloud infrastructure. The Power E870C offering includes entitlement to one year of an POWER8 Linux bare metal system in the IBM Cloud.

Flexible capacity on demand

Convert previously purchased capacity (Mobile Processor activations and Elastic COD Processor Days) to IBM Cloud capacity when you purchase a new Power E870C server.

Power to cloud rewards

Simplify your move to the cloud. IBM is bundling 10,000 points of on-site cloud deployment services with your Power E870C system purchase. For private cloud, our cloud provisioning and automation services through IBM Cloud PowerVC Manager help you make the move by creating and supporting a DevOps cloud implementation. For hybrid cloud solutions, our Design for Hybrid Cloud Workshop covers how to produce best-of-breed applications using API Connect and IBM Cloud with Power Systems.