Feature spotlights

Assess your workloads

The application can compare hundreds of apps consistently and prioritize them based on business requirements. The application incorporates two key attributes: cloud readiness and cloud benefit. Users simply select the workload template that best fits their app’s needs. They refine the results by reviewing and modifying a series of pre-populated questions. The dynamic report gives users a clear understanding of what answers had the greatest impact on the score and why.

Compare cloud providers

Comparing providers, with their different pricing and packaging models, can be time consuming. IBM has a team that keeps the pricing and capabilities up to date. The application uses a patented IBM measurement unit to normalize the costs of various providers and provide all the relevant business considerations. You get a side-by-side comparison of providers – highlighting the differences in pricing and the deficiencies relative to the application’s requirements.

Estimate your bill

You receive an accurate and up-to-date view of the costs before you buy. The pricing reflects corporate discounts and pricing rules. If app and business needs change, or to find cost savings, revise your configurations and get an updated estimate of materials for your new scenario, before purchasing. For continued visibility and management of costs, use IBM Cloud Brokerage Services Cost and Asset Management.

Make quick, informed decisions

The intelligent decision framework and normalization algorithms in the Workload Planning application help you to deliver accurate and repeatable results — faster. Begin with templates that incorporate customer and industry experience, and customize for your application and business needs.

Customer case study

Case study image

Manufacturer gains single source to plan, buy and manage cloud services from multiple suppliers.

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