Feature spotlights

Web-scale architecture

IBM Hyperconverged Systems powered by Nutanix bridge the efficiency and performance gaps between enterprise datacenters and public clouds. Drive faster time-to-market for important IT initiatives, delivering benefits that were once only possible with public clouds.

Acropolis OS

Nutanix Acropolis delivers software-defined enterprise-class storage, compute and native virtualization services to run nearly any application. It provides feature-rich data services in a turnkey hyperconverged infrastructure solution that can be deployed out of the box in 60 minutes or less. Its distributed file services eliminate the need for standalone SAN or NAS-based storage separate from compute servers – reducing the complexity of infrastructure management.

Prism management

Prism simplifies infrastructure management with one-click operations. With its consumer-grade interface, Prism provides an end-to-end management solution for virtualized datacenter environments. It streamlines and automates common workflows and eliminates the need for multiple management solutions across datacenter operations. Powered by advanced machine learning technology, Prism analyzes system data to generate actionable insights – optimizing virtualization and infrastructure management.

IBM POWER Architecture

Systems built with the POWER architecture are different by design – engineered at every level to be more powerful and open than competing server designs. POWER8 processors enable 4X more memory bandwidth, cache and threads per core versus x86. IBM Power Systems deliver superior VM density in cloud environments providing a clear price-performance advantage versus x86-based systems for workloads such as MongoDB, IBM Websphere Application Server and EDB Postgres, among others.

Seamlessly scale data across distributed nodes

The solution is deployed as a cluster of nodes. The solution distributes data and metadata across all the nodes in the cluster enabling you to grow the cluster by adding nodes when needed without limits. You get linear predictable performance and capacity increases as the cluster grows.

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