Feature spotlights

Pilots can now check in remotely

Using a Touch ID pilots can review all relevant documents and information for that flight in the dashboard view on iPad. Touch ID enables the pilot to securely log in, check-in remotely, view and sign off on the flight plan with ease.

The app enables real-time notifications

Pilots can now easily access pre-flight information and notifications with updates and important messages. Using iMessage and FaceTime, pilots can communicate pre-flight with the previous pilot of the aircraft or the current crew in charge. These alerts and notifications allow pilots to stay current with changing information.

View the most critical data first using advanced analytics

The app’s analytics highlights only the relevant sections of the flight plan – based on information like weather conditions, fuel load, aircraft type and route. Critical alerts, such as advisory messages about destination, are prioritized for pilots as first priority based on defined business rules. The app uses analytics to recommend prioritizing specific elements of critical information – including flight plan and airport briefing, based on pilot preferences and mission exceptions.

The app is backed by a great service plan

Through its service plan, IBM and Apple have teamed up to provide you with the most comprehensive support available. It includes 24/7 phone support from Apple and next-business-day on-site service from IBM. Whether buying or leasing devices, the IBM flexible procurement model enables you to go from procurement to deployment quickly. You can also manage all your iOS devices from a single portal and effortlessly apply security policies that ensure data protection on every device.

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