Security everywhere: Manage new cyber risks

Everything from new business models to rapid adoption of technology to regulations are pushing cybersecurity teams to find new, faster ways to shield their business and ensure privacy while accelerating growth. Infusing security everywhere business is done can enable growth while protecting against emerging and accelerating threats. Mary O’Brien will share client stories where IBM brought together the right people, process, and technology to accelerate business securely.

Artificial Intelligence and Digital Trust

Prof. Yaron Wolfsthal, Head of IBM’s Cyber Security Center of Excellence (CCoE) in Beer Sheva, will present two innovative projects carried out by IBM’s researchers from CCoE and Trusteer. We will show how advanced methods in Artificial Intelligence alongside with deep domain knowledge in the field of financial operations have been combined in IBM’s R&D labs to ensure digital trust in enterprise services.

These capabilities are currently integrated in industry-leading products and services of IBM, and are successfully used to deter sophisticated forms of digital crime, e.g., identity fraud and account take-over.

Cloud Security in the Time of Corona

While companies have been slowly moving to the cloud for years, the global Coronavirus pandemic has served as a forcing function for businesses to drastically accelerate their cloud adoption. Why did it take a pandemic to streamline the move to the Cloud? Despite awareness, many companies are still at the early stages of adapting security to accommodate this new environment and some are delaying due to security concerns. What’s important to understand is that while we may be forced to move our workforce to Cloud environments, that does not mean exposing ourselves to increased risk. If done right, cloud can make security faster, scalable and more adaptable – and this starts with a clear picture of the unique technical and policy-driven security challenges, as well as threats targeting the cloud. Join this session to learn more.

Future proofing your security against Quantum

Quantum computing promises power far beyond the reach of any supercomputer. That power has the ability to render the very best of today’s encryption pointless. Organisations that intend to keep their most sensitive data private need to future-proof their security by implementing quantum-safe cryptography, which starts with risk analysis and data classification.

Cyber Resilience, what’s your Minimal Viable Company and how to recover it

With the industry focus on Resilience, and the significant leap in cyber attacks, Cyber Resilience is the focus of everyone’s mind. However, most companies Recovery strategy, do not include the cyber attack vector and find a rebuild could mean weeks of outage and significant loss of revenue and brand. Learn how to embed resilience in your strategy to ensure you can maintain core purpose and integrity under duress.