Virtual Events

Think Digital Summit Israel

Emerging stronger to a different normal

Data and AI Forum

Watch the virtual event to learn and explore solutions which can help accelerate your AI transformation, no matter where you are in your journey.


Storage Made Simple

IBM data storage provides simple storage solutions that address modern data requirements and provide the key to your hybrid multicloud strategy and teams efficiency.

Hybrid Cloud Con.

Virtual event focusing on data, automation, integration, applications, multicloud management and security, enabling quick path for innovation and modernization.

Multicloud Management Mondays

On Multicloud series we’ll cover several aspects in Multicloud management like Data processing at the speed of business, how to optimize business operation, Multicloud governance and much more.

Integration Tuesdays

Come to the weekly Demo Days about Integration. Learn what’s new in MQ, New based integration patterns, new tooling enhancements and Watson AI Integration and much more.

Automation Wednesdays

In the list of Automation webcast you could learn more about the new IBM acquisition of WDG SaaS RPA, learn how to automate your business rules (IBM ODM), become a decision automation ninja and much more.

Applications Thursday

Interested to explore how to simplify software delivery of cloud-native apps with IBM Cloud Pak for Applications and Accelerators for Teams? Join Cloud Pak for applications series


Quantum Introduction

Introduction to Quantum computing and QISKIT

Remote access shield

How to secure access in remote connectivity with the functionality of IBM Security Access Manager products.

Kubernetes Workshop

Advanced Workshop: What else can you do with Kubernetes? this session will cover the following topics: controllers, configmap, networking, helm and probes

Crisis chatbot

How to create a crisis communication chatbot using IBM Watson Assistant and how to add webhooks to query for dynamic data using Watson Discovery and COVID-19 APIs.

ChatOps & War Rooms

Solving problems efficiently is the key to a business which performs well with happy users. This session will cover the of ChatOps, War Rooms and introduce AIOps.


Blockchain Intro

Introduction to blockchain technology and solutions

Visual Recognition

A workshop presenting Watson Visual Recognition at the Haifa Datahack

Microservices intro

In this webinar, you will learn what are cloud native applications and microservices, and how you can leverage this technology to your day to day work.

Text Analytics

In this workshop you will learn the basics of Watson services which provides tools to analyse text and get the most from it in few lines of code.

Containers intro

Introduction to microservices, dockers, kubernetes and openshift, part of a lecture for the academia, and intro to openshift lab

Planning Analytics

How emergencies affect our business when everything is integrated into cashflow

Watson Assistant

Introduction to Watson Assistant, a Chatbot for everyone with higher results

IBM Video Streaming

How Video can help you to stabilize and build your business

Webinars from Research

Quantum Computing

Characterization and quantum circuit simulation: A brief overview of IBM Research - Haifa's recent work in the quantum domain

5G networks

Cognitive, slice-level quality-of-experience management: Using cognition, AI, and ML in 5G networks to predict problems before QoE deteriorates

Project Debater

Can artificial intelligence beat a person in a debate? Watch a discussion of IBM's AI technology and the film ‘The Debater’

Project Debater

What happens when AI stops playing games? "The Debater" documentary explores IBM's AI technology and follows its face-off against a debating world champion

Storage for Healthcare

Applying a new long-term storage retention standard to a radiomics application that aims to predict response to breast cancer treatment

Project Debater

Smart Talks with IBM: The Debating AI - on the iHeart Radio "Stuff To Blow Your Mind" podcast


Beyond Hyperledger Fabric Part IV: Exploring Byzantine fault tolerance consensus


IBM on the state of natural language processing: NLP challenges that still exist and various achievements in the field


COVID-19's impact on business - how do we reinvent ourselves?

Deep Learning

Not enough data? Deep learning to the rescue

Future Technician

Technician of the Future - Overview

Voice Assistant

Technician of the Future - Maximo Voice Assistant

Augmented Reality

Technician of the Future - Visual Operation Guidance using Augmented Reality

Operations Research

A decision-support system to help appliance manufacturers optimize their customer service processes


AI at the forefront of healthcare during the coronavirus era

Operations Research

Relieving pressure: Optimizing water distribution pressure management at Valley of the Moon Water District

Operations Research

Unleashing analytics to reduce costs and improve quality in wastewater treatment

AI and Healthcare

Driving the revolution of AI in healthcare – in the Jerusalem machine learning webinar